Four TV Shows with LGBT Characters You Might Not Have Heard Of

In the last few years, LGBT representation on TV has improved significantly. There are more gay storylines in British soaps, stateside Smithers from The Simpsons is now out and proud, and on Netflix, Laverne Cox and Ruby Rose have been...

/ 24th June 2016

UK Votes To Leave The EU

The country has voted to leave the EU, leaving the Remain Campaign victorious in a referendum that a record breaking 46,499,537 people could vote in. The leave campaign won with 51.9% of the vote. This is the third ever nationwide...

/ 23rd June 2016

Ballet Performance at the Curve: Jane Eyre Adaptation

Dreda Blow and Javier Torres in Jane Eyre. © Dave Morgan (Click here for source). The Northern Ballet Company visited the Curve Theatre last Friday, deep in the heart of Leicester’s cultural hub, with an adaptation of Jane Eyre that...

/ 21st June 2016

RuPaul is Racing into the Mainstream

Two tall people are stood on a stage, cinched into a corset, feet stuffed into 7-inch platform heels, and lights upon them so hot their lashes are melting off. They are surrounded by other individuals in a similar situation, with...

/ 18th June 2016
Remain vote

Gordon Brown Visits DMU

Today De Montfort University played host to former Prime Minister and remain campaigner Gordon Brown. At 3pm in the Queens Building Atrium Mr Brown took to the floor to set out his views on the referendum as well as taking...

/ 13th June 2016

Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali Dies Aged 74

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74, in Phoenix, Arizona a spokesman for his family confirmed. The former heavy weight champion was admitted to hospital due to respiratory issues that were linked to Parkinson’s that...

/ 4th June 2016

Is X-Men: Apocalypse better than Deadpool?

[A COUPLE OF SPOILERS AHEAD] X-Men: Apocalypse is perhaps one of the most underrated or disregarded superhero movies of this year, with Batman VS Superman, Civil War and Suicide Squad, X-Men has largely slipped through the cracks. X-Men: …

/ 23rd May 2016


In high spirits, to the point of chanting when I entered the room, Wolf Alice were about to embark on one of their closing nights of their UK 2016 tour, taking on Nottingham’s Rock City. “I remember when we first...

/ 16th May 2016

The Brandy Thieves – Interview and Album Launch

Today, The Demon spoke to The Brandy Thieves and had a short interview with them in regards to the new album they are releasing today! I sat down with Andrea Kenny from the band to talk a little bit about the...

/ 13th May 2016

Handmade Festival 2016 – The Highlights

Despite not comprising of a completely flawless line-up, at least it guaranteed you the chance to see the bands you really wanted, because the only clash was with an old favourite from when you were  a 15-year-old “emo”. So let’s get...

/ 9th May 2016