Take xXx: Return of Xander Cage with a shot of penicillin and a pinch of salt

xXx: Return of Xander Cage was never going to be a critically acclaimed film, that’s for sure. The franchise has never been known for producing great films but they are known for making good action films. This is essentially what...

/ 22nd January 2017

Lion is as emotionally captivating as it is critically acclaimed

Dev Patel, as an actor has really developed and grown since his breakthrough role in teen angst show Skins and Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, throw in a smattering of lesser known roles and we get to Lion, the …

/ 21st January 2017
Cruelty free brands you should be purchasing

Cruelty Free Brands You Should be Purchasing | Highstreet Edition

Going cruelty free with the beauty and skincare brands you use can make a huge difference. Animal testing is still an awful practice which takes place and everything we can do to reduce demand for these brands should be done...

/ 20th January 2017

Rail fare increase hits DMU Students

Starting from 2nd January, National Rail increased fares by an average 2.3%. As many university students are dependent on trains to get home this announcement stirred up a lot of emotions among students at De Montfort University. “I’m already paying...

/ 20th January 2017

Daisy – Murder Porn – EP Review

Daisy marks Oxford-based musician Luke Allmond’s third and most sombre project. Currently gaining momentum in the Oxfordshire area, the first EP Murder Porn gives a tantalising taste of, what I hope, is the mere tip of the iceberg. The EP...

/ 18th January 2017

Vociferous Voices: The Power of Being ‘The Other’

© Abby Smith Photography A home is a place. Home is friends and family. It is a reverie of the past. The feeling like you belong. But for the thousands of international students who travel to university each year, it...

/ 18th January 2017

Fashion Week Winter Wardrobe Hits

Look out the window and you might see.. yes, it was snowing this time last week! Don’t let the occasional beams of sun fool you – we are still very much in the winter season and the frosty weather that...

/ 17th January 2017

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin – Album Review

From a quick glance, it’s easy to see that Frank Carter’s discography is eclectic. He first caught our attention spearheading the British hardcore punk scene as the frontman for Gallows. Leaving the band due to musical differences was made clear...

/ 17th January 2017*jUNDeTEvI8L-iWHG0NnPrA

More Than Meets The Eyeballs- The Hidden Gems Of 2016

  Kubo and the Two Strings (Dir. Travis Knight) Kubo and the Two Strings is Laika Entertainment’s latest and most ambitious production to date. A combination of painstakingly captured stop motion and CGI, Kubo and the Two Strings certainly delivers on …

/ 17th January 2017

Leicester Fashion Week | October Vlog

The Demon Fashion and Beauty team went to the Leicester Fashion Week event last October. Here’s a short montage of what’s on offer at the event. To find out more, visit the website and book tickets for the next one.…

/ 16th January 2017