10 Things NOT To Do On A First Date

With Valentine’s day approaching, Demon TV are going to tell you exactly what NOT to do if you’re going on a first date this Valentine’s Day! Cast: •Ollie McGrath •Lydia Alexandra George Director: •Ollie McGrath Assistant Director: •Amaan Rashid Produc...

/ 14th February 2016
Stylist Comedians

The Most Stylish Comedians of the 21st Century

Comedians aren’t usually best known for their fashion sense. This is perfectly acceptable to the public and the media because it would seem unfair for them to have it all. Being funny and fashionable, that’s impossible right? Wrong. Here is...

/ 14th February 2016
This time, Ryan plays a high school history teacher, Mr. D, who is a little different to what you'd normally expect

Love or hate Ryan Reynolds, his lesser known films are the real stars

Ryan Reynolds has always been a bone of contention for cinema goers over the years, his blockbusters being a point of discussion for many critics. Bring up his career and people will commonly question ‘where did it all go wrong?’,...

/ 13th February 2016

Joel Dommett’s Pick of the Week

When I turned up for Joel Dommett’s pick of the week I had no idea what to expect. None of the performing acts had been announced so it was honestly a hit and miss on whether this was going to...

/ 12th February 2016

Gravitational waves – Einstein’s theory proven correct

After almost two centuries of theorising, physicists have announced the observance of gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of spacetime produced by violent events on a colossal scale. Gravitational waves were first predicted in 1916 by Albert Einstein, alon read...

/ 12th February 2016

The underground music scene with the DMU DJ society

“15 pounds,” Nick Sharp yells into my ear as I try to haggle him down on the price of a Creative Writing textbook. It’s November and Sub8ten (formerly known as Sophbeck) is alive and kicking. We continue to shout at...

/ 12th February 2016

Style Icon of the Week – Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith, best known as the singer with the soulful-retro voice, has caught the eye of the media and the public with her daring fashion.  Paloma seems all too comfortable experimenting with colours and patterns that many of us would...

/ 11th February 2016

Deadpool, a subversive barrel of laughs

February 10th sees the release of Deadpool for the UK, and after leaked test footage was released online, Fox was forced to green light the movie. The film sees mercenary for hire, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) develop cancer, his girlfriend...

/ 10th February 2016

Help the blind, have a pint!

Following last year’s fantastic results, DMU Beer Pong Society is back this Friday with yet another charity night event. Previously the society has managed to collect nearly £160 for the local Rainbows Hospice and Shalom International Ministries Africa, a Uganda...

/ 9th February 2016
jack campbell

Jack Campbell – Boy Girl Brain

The Southerner that can’t get enough of the Midlands Jack Campbell and his slightly close to the mark humour is back at Dave’s Leicester comedy show for another year. Note to readers, content within could upset some and give distressing flashbacks...

/ 9th February 2016