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The Shoes That Everyone Needs

Its that time again when the sandals go back into the wardrobe and we have to get out our more practical footwear, but who is to say that they don’t have to be fashionable.   This season is all about loafers and knee high boots. They are perfect to face all the different weather scenarios and  are extremely comfortable at the same time; what more could you ask for!?. Furthermore, everyone needs a splash of their favourite autumn shade in their wardrobe, and across the stores we can see some of the best waiting for you to buy. So lets have a look at what is hot on the high street.   Loafers – £16, Peacocks Loafers – £35, Dune Boots – £30, F&F Loafer – £49.99, New Look Boots – £70, River... read more

On the Demon Bookshelf: Ghostwritten by David Mitchell

I have never written a review for a novel before, but upon deciding to do so I knew immediately which one I would choose as my subject. Although I actually read Ghostwritten at the start of the year, my memory of it is still vivid. This book completely took me by surprise. It made me feel a ridiculous range of emotions. I could feel my mind expanding alongside the massive scope of the novel with each turn of a page. Now, as enthusiastic as I sound, I know even some avid bookworms may not have heard of the literary circus performer that is David Mitchell. (No I’m not talking about the comedian, but he’s great too.) The novel consists of 9 short stories of 9 very different characters across the globe. This idea really engaged me from the start, and even more so as I delved deeper into the book, when these seemingly independent characters and incidents weren’t as disparate as they first appeared to be. The task of piecing together this intricate puzzle really gave my intellect something to gnaw on. How could a terrorist in Okinawa, a teenage musician from Tokyo, an accountant in Hong Kong, an old woman on a holy mountain in China, a body-jumping spirit in Mongolia, an art thief in St. Petersburg, a ghostwriter in London, a physicist from Ireland and a New York radio show host possibly be connected? Exactly. You might think I’m being a little too vague in describing it, but in honesty the plot is far from straightforward. Some would argue it doesn’t really have one but I disagree.... read more

All Hail Macbeth!

The first thing we see is fire. The landscape = A furious, burnt Scotland. A battlefield lost to flame, the characters are but silhouettes; this is Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth. Officially released on October 2nd and premiered at The Cannes Film Festival last May. In the wake of household names – Orson Welles and Roman Polanski – Kurzel has created a world where poetry takes centre stage and violence, a back-seat. The slow-mo visuals of the run towards battle are so rhythmic that the ensuing fights seems more tasteful and lyrical than expected. This adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s most gothic plays delves into the emotional state of Macbeth with surprising vigour, opening with a scene only hinted at in the play: the loss of his and Lady Macbeth’s child. The fact that this small but important detail is played out, hints that the movie will contain symbolism that will quench any Literature enthusiasts thirst. This allows the film to provide a realistic depiction of Macbeth’s descent into insanity, as well as the implications of being traumatised from battle. The pace of the film is incredible, the visuals insane – at one point, the battlefield is almost still, the fighters dancing through the air, and the rawest of Macbeth’s pain is shown. This interpretation considers his mental state. The hallucinations of the witches also make this more about pathology and less about superstition. The famous banquet scene is perfectly tense, with Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth, tightly controlled and propping up Macbeth’s outbursts. In fact, the character of Lady Macbeth is offered more humility than usual, which makes for fascinating cinema. Cotillard’s expression of deep pain and sorrow, flickering in the light of the flames, makes the scene where Macbeth... read more

On the Demon Bookshelf: The Psychopath Whisperer

Psychopaths have always interested us, even if film and TV portrayed them at a safe distance away from our reality – until recently. The recent resurgence in popular psychology has scrapped over-the-top depictions of serial-killers from film, alarmed readers with the notion there could be a psychopath next door in Jon Ronson’s The Psychopath Test, and made scientific theories accessible to the wider public. The Psychopath Whisperer: Inside the Minds of Those Without a Conscience is the work of leading neuroscientist Kent Kiehl. It spans his career of twenty years, from his first interviews with psychopathic criminals, tentative and humorous as a young graduate, to his ground-breaking discovery: that psychopaths do indeed have different brains to normal humans. Personally, I enjoyed the anecdotal form of the book that included just enough science and theory, including some really interesting images of MRI scans. I’m not sure what psychologists, or readers with better scientific knowledge than myself, would think of it, as at points it veers towards autobiographical, but it’s readable and entertaining. Kiehl also surprised me, as I personally would have expected somebody who had interviewed the most disturbed and amoral of minds to have an aversion to them – actually, some of his subjects are funny and even likeable for their narcissism and lack of self-control. At one point, one prisoner presses the panic-button in Kiehl’s office simply because he wants to see the prison-guards sweat, and another two plot against him to try and escape. Kiehl gets to know the traits of psychopathic individuals so well that later on, when he sets up the brain-scanning equipment, he wryly explains that he doesn’t think having a big red alarm within reach of the MRI machines is a good idea. Despite... read more

Trend Report – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Mix and matching patterns has always been a rather daunting and a no go zone when picking out outfits, but, should it be this scary? We at Demon are going to tell you how to make the most of mixing up your wardrobe.   Outfit 1 Shirt – £18, Asos Trousers – £29.99, Zara Boots – £25, Stripes are a staple when it comes to mixing patterns. It goes with everything, especially floral’s, and these trousers are an ideal match. With the subtle white flower print on the mustard coloured trouser you will have the perfect mix match outfit. Outfit 2 Dress – £25, River Island Heels – £26.25, Henry Holland Clutch – £16, Dorothy Perkins Necklace – £85, Karen Millen It’s not just about mixing clothes up either, why not play around with accessories?! This snake print clutch and leaf printed heels work perfectly together with this bold wine coloured swing dress and statement necklace. Outfit 3 Top – £18.50, Missy Empire Skirt – £10.99, Romwe Heels – £19.99, New Look Finally, there is nothing wrong with matching different floral patterns together. Matching bold larger flowers, with smaller ones, you are able to create a look that will not only work together, but it will also help show off your perfect figure. Matching this with a statement shoe and you will be ready for every eventuality. Illustrations by Emma... read more


Anyone that has seen ‘Paper Towns’ this summer or the Mango’s #somethingincommon commercial, is going to feel like they have something in common with Cara Delevingne. This cheeky and even more laid-back version of Kate Moss has taken over the Internet, sporting luxurious Burberry trench coats on the catwalk, but running around in trainers and sweatpants on the streets of Notting Hill. This bubbly 23-year-old might be a supermodel, working for the biggest designers’ campaigns, but don’t let that fool you – in real life she dresses as simply and casually as the girl next door. Her personality shows not only through the simplicity of her everyday outfits, but also the innovative red carpet ideas, where she always brings a breath of fresh air and an unsolved mystery – just like her character Margo. EVERYDAY CARA I am sure every student has taken inspiration from Cara’s street style at least once since they came to Uni, as this girl has mastered the art of being both comfortable and chic with her ‘celebrity at the airport’ kind of looks. Skinny and ripped jeans, band t-shirts, massive hobo-like coats, leather jackets and trainers seem to be Cara’s everyday staples that she builds her outfits around. She usually accessorises with beanies and bandanas, as well as quirky-shaped sunglasses. On an everyday basis comfort definitely comes first for Cara. GOING OUT CARA As you can tell from the pictures, Cara’s red carpet style is very hard to classify – she unveils a different part of her every time she shows up at a premiere, fashion event or a gala, so she simply cannot be put in a tagged box. Cara can easily rock any going out attire, from a playful revealing co-ord to that... read more


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