Challenge Yourself and Grow: Try a New Sport

Last week saw De Montfort University’s (DMU) second launch of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. The whole idea of the campaign is to encourage people trying new sports and exercises and to make sure they feel great whilst doing it. I decided...

/ 19th February 2017

Who’s laughing now? The PewDiePie controversy

In an age of social justice and extremism on both sides of the political spectrum, the topic of racism, and particularly anti-semitism, can be a touchy one; one that many of us try to avoid like the plague. The fear...

/ 18th February 2017

Why you need to watch Riverdale

Riverdale is the newest TV sensation to hit Netflix with a new episode streaming every Friday. The show airs on Thursday in the US on the CW Network and is currently the talking point of social media. Riverdale is based...

/ 17th February 2017
DMU womens

Varsity preparation is in full swing as societies prepare for the biggest matches of the year

By Joel Wood Varsity is one of the biggest events over the calendar year and is what a season of hard work leads up to. It’s a time when everyone joins together to support their university in a bid to...

/ 16th February 2017

Amber Run – For A Moment I Was Lost – Album Review

I had high hopes for Amber Run’s second album For A Moment I Was Lost after ‘Haze’ was released way back in October last year. Following that, their next four single releases have received high praise and generated much …

/ 15th February 2017

Why Trump’s Attitude Towards Disabled People Offends Me

At an election rally last November, Donald Trump caused outrage when he openly mocked disabled journalist Serge F Kovaleskia. The reporter suffers from a congenital disability which affects the movement of his arms. Trump was seen and filmed making flapping...

/ 15th February 2017

Vegan Cheese: An Honest Review

Whether you have been a vegan for a while, have recently one, or you’re just taking part in Veganuary, you’ll have no doubt been told that vegan cheese is awful. Over the years, it has earned itself a bad name...

/ 15th February 2017

Fifty Shades Darker: A guilty pleasure or a tragedy?

  “No rules. No punishments. No secrets.” Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is back with a new job, a new mind-set, and a seemingly fresh, Christian-free life. Well, for the first five minutes anyway. After an arguably long two-year wait, there...

/ 13th February 2017

Student Nightlife: A Guide

With most of a student’s time being taken up by studying (hopefully), it’s important to remember to take some time off and have some fun! Luckily, Leicester is easily one of the best places for the student lifestyle; being blessed...

/ 13th February 2017

Comedy Festival: Jonathan Pie @ The Y Theatre

Jonathan Pie, played by Tom Walker, a political mouthpiece of an agitated generation, delivered a fantastically thought-provoking show to the audience at The Y Theatre in Leicester. Pie, whilst open with his self-proclaimed leftist stance, didn’t hold back on taking...

/ 13th February 2017