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blogNow you’ve got your blog up and running you need to fill it with great content to attract readers and showcase your expertise. Finding something to write about shouldn’t be that difficult if you are writing about a topic you have good knowledge of or are passionate about.

If you are struggling to know where to start, here is a list of some of the most popular blog post types that you can try out.

List Post

Write a bucket list, a must-see or must-do list, a list of 10 reasons to (or not to…), a list of your top 15 fave places/movies/travel destinations.

An A-Z Post

Write an A-Z on your blog’s niche. For example: An A to Z of cleaning tips, make-up tips, travel tips, cooking tips, photography tips. You could even break this down into two posts.

Tutorial or How To Post

Do you have a skill that you can share, or, is there a task you want to learn (that others would likely want to know how to do too?). Turn it into a step-by-step tutorial using video, photos or screencasts. Great for crafts, cooking and DIY.

Review Post

Share your experience and thoughts on a particular hotel, restaurant, plane ride, car you’ve test-driven, new website, cosmetic or cleaning product, new film or TV show, e-book, adventure or game.

Makeover / Before and After Post

Show the before and after images of your haircut, wardrobe tidy-up, diet or exercise results! Readers LOVE the power of these images! They give hope and inspiration!

Hopefully this will give you some great post ideas but to make sure your post have the best chance of being found, read and shared, here are 7 tips to writing great content.

  1. Write like you speak.

This is a great skill and one that may take some time to master. Writing like you speak, will make your posts more approachable and human. It will also help you develop your style.

  1. Forget perfection

For a start it won’t be perfect and if you wait until it is, you will never post anything. Getting the layout, grammar and voice of your blog will come with practice so just start.

  1. Own your topic

Blogging about one or a couple of topics will not only making blogging easier but will also help you build your audience and build your profile in that area. This will be easy if you have chosen an area that you know a lot about.

  1. Get to the point

People won’t hang around reading long posts so get to the main area of the post as soon as you can. You ideally need to be writing no less than 200 words a post and remember to use keywords you want to be found by such as lifestyle, craft, etc.

  1. Keep your audience in mind

For a start you will need to imagine the people you want to be reading your posts but once you have built up your following, always keep them in mind when writing. Constantly think, will they like this, will they find this interesting. If you do this, your following will be loyal and continue to grow.

  1. Imitation game

I’m sure there are blogs you read regularly and enjoy, well use these are a way of trying out new things and expanding your blogs reach. Always stay true to you but a bit of imitation may help expand on what you already have.

  1. Post often

One way to ensure your posts will be found and to ensure the growth of your blog is to post often. Daily is ideal but if this is too much for you to keep up with, two to three times a week is fine as long as you keep to the same days each week so your readers know when a new post will be available.

So get writing and next time we’ll looking into ways of growing your audience.

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Posted by Kizzy Bass

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