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As Freshers, you have probably all done your packing by now, but you are afraid flatmates won’t approve of an ancient dressing gown or jammies your grandma made when you were 12? No need to be embarrassed – there are cheap alternatives to Victoria’s Secret that will make you and your room the trendiest in the whole student accommodation.



Believe it or not, this is actually a nightwear piece! If you remember the way Angelina Jolie rocked Brad Pitt’s shirt when having breakfast in “Mr and Mrs Smith”, you will know that manly shirts are very in and give an effortless, yet sexy look, to any girl that has just emerged out of her room. Try it once; you will sleep in shirts forever.



Once it gets colder, you might want something a bit more snuggly to lock in the warmth during the night. There is nothing better than a cute, patterned onesie that will literally cover all of you, from top to bottom. Getting out of bed on a cold Monday morning will not be a synonym to torture anymore – you will feel cosy and chic at the same time.



A movie night with the girls or late – night escapades to grab snacks from the kitchen? You might want to protect your feet from the cold. If you own a onesie, you are pretty much covered, but for those who want a bit more freedom I would recommend moccasin slippers – these Ugg–like ones won’t fall off your feet when having a pillow fight with your boyfriend.



If you have a fringe or long hair, you are already familiar with the struggle of taking a shower or applying a face mask without getting your mane covered in water or a skincare product. This headband will make for a stylish accessory that you can also use outside the bathroom.


Beauty Mirror 

Something less fashion –focused, but a must-have for any girl who likes to apply her makeup, using a mirror straight out of Tumblr. These trendy mirrors are usually double-sided with a magnifying side, so it is easier to apply false lashes or pluck the eyebrow hairs you actually want to get rid of. An absolute staple when moving into student halls, as they usually only provide a full – length mirrors. Not to mention, it is less than 10 pounds for this baby!

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Posted by Zofia Filipowicz

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