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Why Trump’s Attitude Towards Disabled People Offends Me

At an election rally last November, Donald Trump caused outrage when he openly mocked disabled journalist Serge F Kovaleskia. The reporter suffers from a congenital disability which affects the movement of his arms. Trump was seen and filmed making flapping...

/ 15th February 2017

Vociferous Voices: The Power of Being ‘The Other’

© Abby Smith Photography A home is a place. Home is friends and family. It is a reverie of the past. The feeling like you belong. But for the thousands of international students who travel to university each year, it...

/ 18th January 2017
The Diverse cast of general election 2015

Breaking the mould, the hidden victory in the US election.

As many will have heard by now there’s a new president-elect in town and while the Doom-Sayers have been out in force the last few weeks hailing the end of the united states cessation of California from the Union and...

/ 18th November 2016

Donald Trump: Is it all defeats and downfall?

For a large amount of time, Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidential run has functioned as a platoon of things; a source of farce from risible comedians, a figurehead of the American Dream, a father’s legacy and a scapegoat for business...

/ 3rd November 2016

As You Like It

Being the head of a society, and also as a student, I ask a lot of stupid questions. I also get asked a lot of stupid questions. Or sensible ones but I’m normally drunk and don’t notice them. Either way,...

/ 20th August 2015

April Fool’s day: Do it right

Photo: Metro April Fool’s day is upon us once again and many of us use this as a golden opportunity to play hilarious and harmless pranks on our family members and friends. The whole Nation joins in on this day,...

/ 31st March 2015

Student saving and spending

Photo: VoucherCloud Students are famous for being poor; it comes with the territory of studying away from home. However not many of us are prepared for the harsh reality of being independent. You do not realise how much your parents...

/ 20th March 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015: Half an hour to go

Photo: The Guardian The solar eclipse that everyone is suddenly talking and reporting non-stop about is taking place today. In Leicester 90% of the sun will be blocked out at precisely 9:32am. We will be plunged into near darkness, and...

/ 20th March 2015

I love you to the moon and back

Photo: IndiePepper Many couples have been together a long time by the time university comes around and have to make the hard decision of how they are going to make it work once they move to different parts of the country. A...

/ 18th March 2015

Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox

Sport England recently released an advertising campaign to encourage women of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities to do more sport and exercise. Named ‘This Girl Can,’ the campaign produced a feisty, memorable television advert showing ‘real’ women participating in...

/ 15th March 2015