Tag: 2017

Cigarettes After Sex – Debut Album Review

Greg Gonzalez and his ambient dream pop group Cigarettes After Sex have been active since 2008, having just now released their anticipated self-titled debut album. Rather than hasty releases, they have mused over their sound and accomplished it. Ever since...

/ 21st June 2017

alt-J’s creative risks pay off on their third LP – Relaxer album review

It’s been five years since alt-J bagged the Mercury Prize for their 2012 debut An Awesome Wave and three years since the Grammy-nominated This is All Yours. Although a blend of geeky, folk/electronica-infused pop remains at the core of their sound, the group push their...

/ 12th June 2017

Say Yellow to Summer!

It has always been a fashion magazine tradition to discuss what daring new colour will trend during the summer, so I simply cannot finish this academic year without introducing the colour obsession for everyone’s favourite season!

/ 4th June 2017

Damn Fine! Load up on cherry pie, it is happening again. Twin Peaks returns on Monday

Fans of Twin Peaks have sorely missed spending time with the diverse assemblage of wonderful characters that David Lynch and Mark Frost’s influential television show gifted us with. But, promises being kept, “I’ll see you again in 25 years” meant...

/ 19th May 2017

Is shoegaze back to stay? Let’s hope so – Slowdive album review

A common staple in the life-cycle of music is the re-appraisal of a band’s work – the passing of time can allow an album to breathe, giving it time to settle and find its place in the world after initial...

/ 18th May 2017

An ever-spinning reel – Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan return in The Trip to Spain

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are back on the road for another restaurant tour: after covering the North of England and Italy throughout the last two series, the pair are off to Spain for some fine dining, driving, occasional chatting...

/ 17th May 2017

Julian Barratt brings Mindhorn out of retirement in a wickedly funny sleuth spoof

If years of watching films has taught me anything, it is that spoof films rarely occupy a middle ground – they are normally either wickedly funny, or painfully unfunny. Thankfully, Mindhorn, starring and co-written by Julian Barratt (co-creator of The Mighty...

/ 16th May 2017

Interview Time – Maxïmo Park

Indie, charismatic and Geordie. Well, we couldn’t be talking about anyone other than Maxïmo Park. Undoubtedly, Maxïmo are one of the pinnacle bands from the noughties indie-rock scene, and even the current indie-rock scene. Having created music since I was...

/ 22nd April 2017

City of Tiny Lights is a disappointing case of style over substance

Director Pete Travis (Dredd, Vantage Point) dashes us into the boiling pot of a violent London cityscape and turns up the gas, but City of Tiny Lights lacks the main ingredient of a great thriller. Based on Patrick Neate’s 2005 novel...

/ 19th April 2017

Why we’re still talking about the critically acclaimed Personal Shopper

Gore-fests littered with jump scares are all too common these days, so a refreshing ghost story is always a relief. To some extent, this is what we get with Olivier Assayas’s Personal Shopper. Maureen (Kristen Stewart) is lonely, troubled and...

/ 14th April 2017