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Comedian Beth Stelling shares story of abusive relationship on Instagram

Young Comedian Beth Stelling is a shining star on the comedy circuit and as many comedians do, she uses her own life as inspiration when writing jokes. However, it turns out that for months the female comedian has been holding...

/ 30th December 2015

50 Shades of Grey: BDSM, blurred lines and control freaks

It is all anyone wants to talk about. Fifty shades – Whether you love or loathe it, it is still the words rolling off everyone’s tongues. Cleverly marketed, both singletons and those in relationships alike rushed out to cinemas to...

/ 27th February 2015

Catcalling: An Offensive Part of Society that Needs to be Stopped

  Recently, it seems as though this pandemic known as ‘catcalling’ is grasping women in its clutching hold. I know what you are thinking though, “pandemic, really?” But there is a reason why I compare this form of harassment to...

/ 10th November 2014