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Cruelty free brands you should be purchasing

Cruelty Free Brands You Should be Purchasing | Highstreet Edition

Going cruelty free with the beauty and skincare brands you use can make a huge difference. Animal testing is still an awful practice which takes place and everything we can do to reduce demand for these brands should be done...

/ 20th January 2017

Leicester Fashion Week | October Vlog

The Demon Fashion and Beauty team went to the Leicester Fashion Week event last October. Here’s a short montage of what’s on offer at the event. To find out more, visit the website and book tickets for the next one. http://leicesterfashionweek.com/…

/ 16th January 2017

Top Five: Long-Lasting Lipsticks

A statement lip is a perfect addition to any ordinary outfit – a classic firemen red can become every girl’s best friend and a delicate nude compliments the smoky eye make up beautifully. How does one make them last the...

/ 30th September 2016

RuPaul is Racing into the Mainstream

Two tall people are stood on a stage, cinched into a corset, feet stuffed into 7-inch platform heels, and lights upon them so hot their lashes are melting off. They are surrounded by other individuals in a similar situation, with...

/ 18th June 2016

Year Two DMU Fashion Showcase

Talented contour fashion students at DMU wowed the panel of industry experts in their ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ catwalk show on Friday. Second-year students showcased their work to a group of judges, which included professionals from popular brands, Tutti Rouge and …

/ 5th May 2016

Best Dressed Award Goes To…

emontfr The Demon Media Awards drawing close, so its time to take a look at which style you will take with you to the event. Whether you want to go all out in your best dress, or take a more...

/ 31st March 2016

From Food to Star Wars

  Let’s talk about statement bags. There’s nothing wrong with going a bit OTT now and again on your outfits; how else are you going to show off your unique style? But, we are here to tell you how you...

/ 17th March 2016

A Fresh Step Into Spring

  Gold Metallic Trainers – Office, £30 Raspberry Slingbacks – Primark, £10 Black Patent Block Heels – Primark, £12 Mustard Loafers – Office, £65 Cobalt Blue Flats – Very, £22 Although we live in a country where the word ‘spring’...

/ 3rd March 2016


The most prestigious music awards require two things: great nominees, but also great clothes. Like any other ‘party’ of that sort, the ‘hot’ and ‘not’ outfit choices of celebrities pour out into the web the next day – for us to judge...

/ 18th February 2016
Stylist Comedians

The Most Stylish Comedians of the 21st Century

Comedians aren’t usually best known for their fashion sense. This is perfectly acceptable to the public and the media because it would seem unfair for them to have it all. Being funny and fashionable, that’s impossible right? Wrong. Here is...

/ 14th February 2016