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Is X-Men: Apocalypse better than Deadpool?

[A COUPLE OF SPOILERS AHEAD] X-Men: Apocalypse is perhaps one of the most underrated or disregarded superhero movies of this year, with Batman VS Superman, Civil War and Suicide Squad, X-Men has largely slipped through the cracks. X-Men: …

/ 23rd May 2016

War of Egos

  Friday 29th April saw the release of Captain America: Civil War, with some eager fans attending the triple run, midnight screening. Civil War is Marvel’s response to DC’s Batman VS Superman, with two superheroes battling it …

/ 30th April 2016

How Jessica Jones teaches us about the power of consent

Krysten Ritter stars as ‘Jessica Jones’ a super powered P.I navigating Hell’s Kitchen   Since Jessica Jones, Marvel’s 13- episode superhero extravaganza was released on Netflix, it’s all anyone has talked about… and for good reason. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter)...

/ 25th November 2015