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Comedy Festival: Jonathan Pie @ The Y Theatre

Jonathan Pie, played by Tom Walker, a political mouthpiece of an agitated generation, delivered a fantastically thought-provoking show to the audience at The Y Theatre in Leicester. Pie, whilst open with his self-proclaimed leftist stance, didn’t hold back on taking...

/ 13th February 2017

The Best Music During Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

Whether you’re a fan of comedy or a fan of music, you can still enjoy Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. You can do this, simply by combining the two, to make a strange, yet very audibly received, gig. Providing you with...

/ 1st February 2016

Meet Comedy Society festival stars: Kasia Mieszczak

Name: Kasia Mieszczak Course:  Economics and Finance Year of study: 1st year Occupation within Comedy Society: Just a standard, grey member of the society   What got you interested in doing comedy? Coming to Leicester for the comedy festival …

/ 11th February 2015

DLCF Daily Comedy Guide: 8th – 10th February

Sunday 8th February Day of rest? Comedy never rests. Get out there and worship at the altar of comedy! Or just see some of these shows, up to you. Lee Ridley is The Lost Voice Guy, after a great …

/ 7th February 2015

Meet Comedy Society festival stars: James Porritt

For those of you who happened to let this nugget of information slip your mind, Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival commenced only a few days ago. This means comedians from all over the country- some known; others lesser known- are right on...

/ 6th February 2015

Satire you say? Why is it more popular than ever?

The Leicester comedy festival, starting in February, has come at a convenient time. One of my third year modules is called Political Communication, so I’ve just spent a fair few weeks studying political satire for an essay. This meant trawling...

/ 4th February 2015

On the lookout for cheap laughs

The festive season may have sucked your wallet dry and your January loan may already by dwindling, but do not be downhearted dear reader, as Dave’s Comedy Festival has kindly accommodated for the penniless students! With so many gigs coming...

/ 1st February 2015

Venues for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival can take you to all corners of the city, from bars, to clubs, to halls. It’s a fantastic opportunity to visit alternative venues, try out some new water-holes, and have your sides split all the way...

/ 31st January 2015

Mustafa Chat at Dave’s

Yusef Mustafa graduated from De Montfort University last year and has started his journey into the ‘real world’ with his very own unique chat show; Mustafa Chat, at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on 10 February at Manhattan 34. Promising the...

/ 26th January 2015