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Getting into media sessions: marketing

Finally, in the Getting Into Media Sessions held by GoThinkBig, we get round to Katy Miller, who is Bauer Media’s Senior Digital Marketing Executive. She explains a bit about what she does and how Bauer Media operate in the marketing...

/ 10th February 2015

Triangle Marble Nails

Depending on what your preferences are, nail polishes can be expensive, especially if you’re after good quality. However, in regards to the cheaper brands of nail polish, I have currently been buying the Collection Work the Colour, which can …

/ 14th October 2014

Demon Crew Student Publications Launch

    A little black book, notes from an editor and poems in B minor, just some of the beautifully unique publications from 3rd year DMU Creative Writing students.   A cathedral in flames, a scientist in love, an editor...

/ 21st February 2014