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Vegan Cheese: An Honest Review

Whether you have been a vegan for a while, have recently one, or you’re just taking part in Veganuary, you’ll have no doubt been told that vegan cheese is awful. Over the years, it has earned itself a bad name...

/ 15th February 2017

Managing IBS at University

Whether you’ve always had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or it’s something new to you, living with it at university can be a challenging time for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I, for example, got diagnosed during my...

/ 3rd February 2017

Interview With a Student Nurse

For most students, making a nine AM lecture seems like enough of a challenge, but for a student nurse, a twelve hour shift starting at seven in the morning is a regular day’s work. I spoke to second year student...

/ 21st December 2016
Yum. I made this recipe up today. It's going to go in the cookzine I am working on.

It’s Time to Get Your Vegan On!

The Leicester Vegan Fair is back this weekend for the third time following the previous success and it’s going to be huge! There is going to be plenty of foods for you to try from hot food catering, like Caribbean...

/ 17th November 2016

Raid Your Fridge This Winter!

The new university year marks a change for the group DMU Fridge Raiders as they change their branding. DMU Fridge Raiders is a group of students and staff members who aim to advise and educate students on healthy living on a budget whilst...

/ 10th November 2016