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Who run the world?… Girls!

International Women’s Day was celebrated last  month, shedding light on those who have  campaigned equalrights for women over the world.  The day saw men in Kabul campaigning against  women wearing the burqa, and newspapers  commemorating amazing women such as Malala...

/ 10th May 2015

Fed up of Feminism?

Photo: The Guardian For International Women’s Day events are taking place across the globe. DMU’s very own Janie Codona MBE held a talk earlier this week about her experiences and it got me thinking: What exactly does International Women’s Day...

/ 8th March 2015

Time to really man-up and embrace equality

Photo: BBC News – Paloma Faith at the International Women’s Day March in London How many women have you listened to recently? Outside of family and friends, you probably haven’t anywhere near as much as you’ve heard from men. You’re...

/ 8th March 2015