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Tom Watson: We’ve got an uphill struggle ahead

Tom Watson, the elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party as of September 2015, appeared on The Andrew Marr Show to discuss the pre-eminent futures of Brexit, Labour polling and Jeremy Corbyn this past week. Following a “difficult few months”, the...

/ 13th February 2017

Commons votes in favour of air strikes against Syria

Parliament has just voted in favour of air strikes against Syria. The vote took place after a day of debates in the Commons. 397 voted in favour of airstrikes against 223 a majority of 174.   The debate took place...

/ 3rd December 2015

Election roundup: Leicester’s results

http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article10057263.ece/binary/original/General-Election-2015.jpg David Cameron has been re-elected as Prime Minister after the conservative party won 330 seats in yesterday’s general election. The labour party now have 232 seats and despite their national loss were successful in Leicester. De Montfort University hosted...

/ 8th May 2015