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Meet Amika George: the teenager campaigning to eradicate period poverty in the UK

A campaign is gaining support of celebrities, thousands of people online, and MP’s, challenging the Prime Minister to put an end to period poverty. The eighteen-year-old from North London who started it all speaks to Renuka Odedra. Discussions on the...

/ 15th December 2017

Get your skateboarding fix with Bagheadcrew and their new full length film

Well it turns out Leicester isn’t just a city of footballers but a city of skateboarders as well. So you should definitely be celebrating that by going to a movie premier right? Well @Bagheadcrew are offering just that, tonight at...

/ 4th February 2017

Homelessness Takes on Society

Homelessness is a rising issue hitting the streets in the UK and Leicester is not to be excluded. As a student who lives in the city centre and also being from Leicester, it has not gone unnoticed how many people...

/ 24th January 2017

Rail fare increase hits DMU Students

Starting from 2nd January, National Rail increased fares by an average 2.3%. As many university students are dependent on trains to get home this announcement stirred up a lot of emotions among students at De Montfort University. “I’m already paying...

/ 20th January 2017

Upstairs Downstairs at The Shed: Review

Noisy quartet “The Surrealists” finished off an amazing night of local and national acts that performed. I attended “Upstairs Downstairs” at the Shed on Saturday; it was my first time in the venue, and I was quite impressed at what...

/ 10th November 2016

Donald Trump: Is it all defeats and downfall?

For a large amount of time, Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidential run has functioned as a platoon of things; a source of farce from risible comedians, a figurehead of the American Dream, a father’s legacy and a scapegoat for business...

/ 3rd November 2016

Badminton Ladies Dominate in Derby Clash

It was a tense day in Leicester, as De Montfort University (DMU) played University of Leicester (UoL) in multiple events; UoL left the courts with their tail between their legs because DMU Badminton Ladies reigned supreme, as they won their...

/ 28th October 2016

The Struggles of a DJ

I love music. I love scratching and turntablism. Creation is a very organic process, and if people can see your ideas spill out right in front of them in some way, then it’s a truly special moment I think. For...

/ 4th October 2016

What does Brexit mean for students?

In the wake of the EU referendum, we ask 'what does the affectionately termed Brexit mean for students?'

/ 30th September 2016