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‘The Girl On The Train’ Grosses $100 Million

Tate Taylor’s adaptation is slick, stylish and boasts an impressive performance from Emily Blunt, but the urgency and suspense of Paula Hawkins’s hit novel is lost in translation. Many believed that the marketing for this film was not sufficient enough...

/ 27th October 2016

Doctor Strange: Weird and Wonderful?

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Marvel’s latest addition to their cinematic universe comes in the form of a psychedelic sorceror, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), but does he manage to cast a strong enough spell? Doctor Strange is currently receiving very positive reviews with...

/ 26th October 2016

Back To Uni Essentials – Women

Being comfortable AND fashionable at Uni can sometimes be a struggle, especially with a smaller budget and the ‘glorious’ English weather. I picked out five fashion staples that could become a helping hand at the beginning of October, as they...

/ 12th August 2015