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Societies, what have you done this year to make you feel proud?

This year, societies have been up to some truly incredible things and raising funds for a number of organisations. We’ve seen the likes of Islam Society being recognised for their outstanding contribution, especially during their Charity Week in February. We’ve...

/ 18th May 2015

DMU shows pride in LGBT history

  A week of cultural events including drop-in lunch sessions at the SU, comedy sessions and screenings of films, took place from February 2 to February 7 to celebrate DMU’s first #DMUpride festival. #DMUpride celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender...

/ 18th February 2015

Tom Daley: ‘Is it a big deal?’

I want you to first ponder the following: ‘why is it when something alters in society that has not been accepted in the past or threatens to change the traditions of society that we are initially unaccepting of it?’ Today...

/ 3rd December 2013