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Stylespiration can be found anywhere – when walking down the street or campus, aswell as flicking through celebrity magazines and Tumblr. Why not make the extra effort and seek it by going…back in time? As the 70’s trend is currently in...

/ 29th October 2015

Trend Report – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Mix and matching patterns has always been a rather daunting and a no go zone when picking out outfits, but, should it be this scary? We at Demon are going to tell you how to make the most of mixing...

/ 1st October 2015

Fashion Focus: Romwe

Founded in Nanjing, China in 2009 (on Christmas Eve to be exact!) Romwe is a great online retailer that has a great range of clothing at an extremely low price. It has a good mix of minimalistic casuals with fun...

/ 31st March 2015