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The pair seemed to happy to joke around with each other on Sunday night

Why Andrew Garfield could be the perfect match for Deadpool

  After THAT Golden Globes kiss, you know which one, the one where Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield lip locked during Ryan Gosling’s acceptance, many questions were raised after both actors gave interviews about Spiderman and Deadpool’s sexuality. Both actors...

/ 10th January 2017

Commercial Hits and Misses of 2016

2016 has been filled with many surprising hits and many unsurprising flops, the industry has learnt not to produce unwarranted sequels and has also learnt that franchises guarantee box office returns. These are my top three best films of 2016...

/ 31st December 2016


[There are quite a few spoilers in this review]   I want to start off this review by saying, if you are heading to watch this movie in the hopes that you’ll get to see nearly 2 hours of Ryan...

/ 18th April 2016
This time, Ryan plays a high school history teacher, Mr. D, who is a little different to what you'd normally expect

Love or hate Ryan Reynolds, his lesser known films are the real stars

Ryan Reynolds has always been a bone of contention for cinema goers over the years, his blockbusters being a point of discussion for many critics. Bring up his career and people will commonly question ‘where did it all go wrong?’,...

/ 13th February 2016

Deadpool, a subversive barrel of laughs

February 10th sees the release of Deadpool for the UK, and after leaked test footage was released online, Fox was forced to green light the movie. The film sees mercenary for hire, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) develop cancer, his girlfriend...

/ 10th February 2016

The Blurring lines of Video Games and Film

With the blurring lines of comic books, video games and film; is anything really unique to its craft anymore?   The Technical’s -With a film, you’re only watching and observing it rather than immersing yourself in an imaginary world like...

/ 15th November 2015

The Woman In Gold

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds star in the poignant ‘The Woman in Gold’         The Woman In Gold is the inspired true story of Maria Altmann, an Austrian Jew whose family were terrorized by the Nazis. Her...

/ 26th April 2015

Style Icon of the week: Blake Lively

Since her young days in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants to her more glamorous times in Gossip Girl, Blake’s radiant beauty has been on our movie screens and TV screens since I can remember. She has emulated feminine, …

/ 4th April 2015


Ryan Reynolds has his body taken over in Self/less         The trailer for sci-fi action Self/less starring Ben Kingsley, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew Goode was released on Thursday. The trailer details the life of an elderly, rich man...

/ 10th March 2015