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Magique – ‘Real Love’ – Single Review

The astral second peek into the mystic mind of up-and-coming Magique proves to be as dreamy a gleam as we could have hoped for. ‘Real Love‘ draws to life with a comfortably smooth opening, sliding the song along …

/ 23rd January 2017

Magique ‘Baby Blue’ – The Review

Magique’s ‘Baby Blue‘ finds itself in the centre of a synthesised dream, resulting in a very promising debut single for an eager emerging figure in an already-bustling alternative scene. The opening beat sounds like the kind of muffled …

/ 2nd November 2016

Make Valentine’s Day personal

Photo: PopSugar Ignoring the first sixteen Valentine’s Days I spent without a partner, for obvious reasons, this year will be my first as a singleton. Am I dreading it? Not particularly. Will I feel the urge to go get stupidly...

/ 13th February 2015

Review: Taylor Swift – ‘Out Of The Woods’

I have a theory. A theory that everyone in the world, no matter who likes at least one thing about Taylor Swift. I’ll go first, my name is Rachael Scarsbrook and I love most things about Taylor Swift but that...

/ 19th October 2014

In the Demon Music Mailbox: Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Greatest Lovers’ (Single)

GENERIC?: Luke Sital-Singh is well within the confines of the indie-rock genre Luke Sital-Singh has been trundling around the indie circuits for a while now, supporting acts like The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys. His latest single ‘Greatest Lovers’, released...

/ 16th April 2014