It’s not every day we hear someone getting a government funded boob job, but when the story of Josie Cunningham, 22, broke national headlines I couldn’t help but question its legitimacy.

Aspiring glamour model and mother-of-two from Leeds, Miss Cunningham was given breast enlargement surgery under the NHS, paid for by the taxpayers.

Lee Newton, co-host of the award winning web series Sourcefed, said: “What kind of doors are we opening regarding other emotionally stressed related plastic surgeries, we get in to a very dangerous area”

After convincing her GP that her flat chest was causing her ‘emotional distress’ Miss Cunningham was given the £4,800 plastic surgery procedure at St James Hospital, Leeds.

Under NHS guidelines, plastic surgery should only be given ‘to protect a person’s health’. In rare circumstances the NHS perform breast reduction surgeries which otherwise could cause patients real physical harm.

Additionally, if emotional stress is enough to warrant surgery – does a flat chest cause emotional distress? If argued that it wasn’t vain and was indeed emotional distress: why was she given such excessive 36DD breasts and not a modest B size?

Defending herself on the ITV1 show Daybreak, Miss Cunningham said: “The main thing was gaining some self esteem and confidence. I do feel a lot more confident and able to live a normal life.”

What you do with your own body is your decision, but this is not the issue here. The issue is when other people pay for your surgery. Everybody feels like they have things on their body that they want to fix, that’s the reason the plastic surgery industry has boomed over the past 10 years. Usually you put up with your body because that is who you are – alternatively you find the money yourself to pay for surgeries.

Furthermore Miss Cunningham’s life choices, such as being 22 with 2 children, regularly clubbing in London and ordering a Chihuahua makes me question whether a boob job will be a life altering, emotionally secure event.