When going out shopping and purchasing new clothes you want to know that what you are wearing will flatter and enhance your given body shape, right? Then knowing what body shape you are is vital, to make sure you buy the correct clothes to fit your body and enhance your silhouette.

The first body shape I am going to go into specific detail about is the inverted triangle:

Inverted triangle body shape

The best way to determine that you are indeed an inverted triangle is to stand in front of your mirror in just your underwear and contemplate the following:

  1.  Do you have broad shoulders?
  2. Is your top half a bigger size than your bottom half?
  3. Do you have a slim waist?
  4. Often wear a bigger size to compensate for your broad shoulders?
  5. Do you have slim thighs and legs?

If you’ve answered yes to the majority above then you are most likely an inverted triangle. Where the name may sound rather strange (like most of the body shape labels) it is a body shape mainly associated with sporty and athletic types, hence if you work out/ train a lot your stomach will become more defined and slimmer, and your shoulders broader and prominent.

The key to tackling this body shape is to focus on finding clothes which will draw your shoulders inwards, balance out the broadness and slimness, and to draw focus more on your waist and legs.


When it comes to deciding what to wear on your top half you want to go for something which draws the focus to your cleavage and waist. Depending on the size of your bust a V/scoop/plunge neck line in a block colour, will help draw the focus away from your shoulders and to your central area. If you are too body conscious then just go for a top in a block and bold colour such as red and orange.  This allows you the perfect opportunity to invest in some new block coloured t-shirts, which are inexpensive due to them being essentials, doing little damage to your bank balance.  Patterned and floral t-shirts will also draw the attention to the centre of your top half rather than your shoulders.

RI T SHIRT 635400_main Topshop t-shirt



The blazer has to be one of the fashion basics for all women to have in their wardrobes, especially for those who are inverted triangles.  The blazer is perhaps the most versatile outerwear item for inverted triangles due to it not only being a timeless classic but its ability to smarten any given outfit but to also draw the focus on to your waist, giving that desirable hourglass shape.  However when shopping for a blazer (casual or for interviews/work) opt for one without shoulder pads, as a) shoulder pads were and will never be fashionable and b) make your shoulders even broader, disproportioning your body entirely.  Also choose a single breasted blazer as it will pull your waist in tighter, whist giving the impression you have fuller hips.

Topshop blazer 2 RI blazer Miss selfridge blazer


Generally with inverted triangle body shapes your legs are slimmer, contrasting to your strong shoulders. Where you want to still accentuate those slim legs you want them to appear in more proportion with your shoulders. With regards to jeans you are best to choose a pair in a slim fit, keeping your legs at a reasonable slimness without out bulking them or decreasing their appearance even more.  In summer months especially, invest in printed skirts or shorts as the print will draw focus even more to your legs rather than your shoulders.

RI Skater skirt H&M Slim fit jeans Topshop moto jeaans

Statement accessories

What is a girl without her accessories? No matter what body size you are accessories in even their minimalistic form are a must.  For you inverted triangles you can experiment and be even bolder than other shapes. A statement belt with a printed skirt or block colour jeans will draw the attention even more to those fabulous legs. A big bag or clutch will again balance out your body shape; with long and bulkier necklaces will draw empathise to your neck line and cleavage. And don’t forget the shoes; a pair of high heels are a must in a bold colour or print for a classy yet sexy look for a night out or a pair of printed/coloured flats for causal days.

RI bag Topshop necklace RI Heels

Key tips:

–          Be bold to your choice of tops, dresses, and bottoms to counter balance your strong shoulders.

–          Choose tops which will accentuate your cleavage (ruffles, waterfall necklines).

–          Pick statement pieces of jewellery to offset your outfit.

The above is just general guidelines to give you an idea of what to look our for when shopping for your body shape.

Let me know what you think below: