1415718_10153362789430361_1914335933_nMiley Cyrus in Valentino

From Valentino on the red carpet to Topshop on the high street, the jumpsuit is back and if you haven’t embraced this trend already then it’s time to jump in (pun intended).

The jumpsuit, which was massively popular during the 1980s, saw a huge decline in popularity during the 1990s and early 2000s. So much that most of us 90s babies didn’t even realise it had ever been considered chic to wear an all-in-one baby gro before our lifetime. Thankfully, in recent years it has slowly but surely been creeping its way back in to our wardrobes and is now a favourite with celebrities and fashionistas alike.

What’s great about the jumpsuit? Well, firstly I’ll admit that the jumpsuit is not the easiest of trends to pull off, and it can be quite easy to get wrong (think singer Nayer at this year’s Billboard Music Awards). But, when pulled off correctly the jumpsuit can actually be quite classy, ladylike AND sexy. Plus, the jumpsuit comes in such a wide variety of styles, shapes and prints that you really can work the trend to suit you. You can accentuate the bits of you body that you like and just as easily cover up those pesky areas that you don’t. Those of us with big boobs can work a low cut or plunge neck top, those of us with long, slim legs can work a skinny-leg trouser and those of us with arm hang-ups can work a flattering cap sleeve. A jumpsuit is the best way to flaunt what you’ve got whilst still leaving something to the imagination.

Once you’ve found the right jumpsuit it is pretty easy to accessorize. As heels make legs look instantly longer and slimmer, it’s a no brainer really that you should always team your jumpsuit with some heels. As for accessories I’d recommend a clutch bag, as opposed to a messenger or shoulder bag, as any other bag may ruin the aesthetic of the jumpsuit. You can style your hair up or down with a jumpsuit, however an up-do or high pony tail will add instant glamour. As far as make-up goes it’s fair game: depending on the style of your jumpsuit you can wear heavy eye make-up or go for a more minimalistic look. The cheekbones, however, should be accentuated and you can’t go wrong with a bold lip.

Personally, I’m not really a believer in the ‘less is more’ approach to dressing so I quite like this all-in-one alternative to the micro minis and sheer panel trends out there at the moment. Plus, it’s the glamorous alternative to the comfy onesie we’ve all come to know and love. What’s not to like? See below for my top picks from the UK’s high street.



Left to right: Dorothy Perkins – £40, Topshop – £55, Oasis – £70, Love at Topshop – £60 and Kelly Brook for New Look – £44.99.