Lastly I caught up with 3rd year fashion design student Amy crofts, who as well as the other designers have some of her designs featured on the catwalk today.


So Amy how are you feeling today?

I’m really excited about it; it’s a great cause and a great way to raise money for ‘Fashion Targets Breast Cancer’ as well as being able to showcase my work at the same time.

That’s great. What inspired you to get involved with the event today?

It’s a charity which is close to my families and mine heart and I love fashion (obviously), so yeah it’s great how Katie has managed to combine the two.

So what is your main inspiration for your designs which feature on the catwalk today Amy?

Erm, a lot of colour and texture.  I am a big fan of textiles so I like to incorporate the two into my work as often as I can. One of them is quite playful, for example one design is inspired by ‘my little pony’, with chains and beading; it’s pretty mad.

If you could on a night out from anybody from the fashion world who would it be?

Oh my gosh, good question. Probably my style icon; Alexa Chung as I think she is really cool and would love to converse with her.

If you had the ippurtunity which celrbtiy would you like to design for?

Erm, my designs don’t really fit her but probably Alexa chung as if I was to go more commercial, I really like her style; bit of a girl crush.

How would you describe your own personal style and does it influence your designs?

Erm Not really as I’m quite dark and simple. Sometimes I’m quite quirky but I don’t influence myself no. Art mainly inspires my work, such as street art.

Out of all the projects that you have been set to do, which have you found the most enjoyable?

Probably my ‘my little pony’ project as the research behind it was great and all the different surface techniques I used were really fun to work with.


So last question Amy. What is your biggest dream?

To work in fashion. It’s so hard to get into and I’m worried it’s not going to happen, but yeah to design for the rest of my life would be amazing. I would love to work with High street brands such as Topshop, River Island, and Urban outfitters rather than high end as I feel like it’s more me. It would be nice to walk down the street and see your designs on people.

That’s it, thank you Amy and I wish you all the best in the future. For the full interview click the link below: