Three young students are helping hopeful music artists achieve their dreams by shooting them a video and promoting it on their very own channel.

Photography and Video student Lucy Gedny is promoting a new YouTube channel to help other people accomplish their ambitions.

Lucy is currently studying in her first year at DMU which has helped influence her to set up this amazing opportunity for people aspiring to show off their talents.

She said: “I set the channel up in January 2013, encouraging numerous artists to get their music heard.

“Since starting university I approached two of my friends on the same course to see if they’d like to be part of it, luckily they said yes.”

‘Aspire2Inspire’ has already gained over 1400 views on their first video.

The initiative helps artists promote themselves and gives them an opportunity to communicate with people and build up a fan base.

Lucy’s influence for this idea is from Jamal Edwards, the owner of SB TV. His channel includes freestyle interviews, giving artists a chance to let themselves be known.

Lucy and her team offer artists free promotion, giving them a chance to be known and express their own ideas through the videos.

Will Gubudu, part of the team, said: “We love what we do, and we want a chance to show what we can do to help others.”

The trio would be willing to travel but aiming to focus on DMU students.

If you have a talent that you’d like to share then contact Lucy, Will or Henna at Contact.Aspire2inspire@gmail.com.

You can also follow them on Twitter at @A2iVids or subscribe to their YouTube channel at YouTube.com/user/A2IVideos.