Beyonce Knowles is slowly taking over the world. Not only did she release an album with no warning and have to shoot straight to number one, as well as her sold out Mrs Carter Tour, it seems that the wonder woman is now taking on politics.

In a recent essay Beyonce Knowles encouraged women to ‘stop buying into the myth of gender equality.’ Beyonce continues this discussion by stating that we need raise young boys to understand equality and respect women and the only way to get rid of gender equality is if men demand that their wives and daughters are treated equally and respectfully. Obviously it is implied that women need to demand this for themselves. Beyonce describes herself as a modern day feminist.

In regards to the comments, I agree with Beyonce. People need to stop believing the myth that there is gender equality now because it stands to reason that women are still not being paid as much as men, there is still prejudice when it comes to payment or even sexual assault. The attitude towards it needs to change and this is only going to change if we realise that the equality is still not there.

It’s an interesting notion that the way to achieve equality for women is through the work of men, originally most women would say that women could achieve it through the work of their own. But with society driving in a patriarchal manner I just don’t see how it’s possible. I agree with Beyonce but I don’t feel that all men treat women unfairly and that is something that needs to be stated. It’s a fear that with an icon like Beyonce many women could use it as an excuse to begin hate crimes on men or believe that all men are sexist, which is simply not true.

I think people need to go and do their own research, and know enough about people. The men around you are probably not sexist, it’s society. So with the help of the non-sexist men, we can possible move towards getting rid of the sexist thinking within society.  Still all this is feeding fuel to the fire, so one must not think about this anymore, one must simply do.

This is not the first time that Beyonce is involved with politics, oh no. Beyonce is quite close with the Obamas and has backed the campaign supporting same-sex marriage. I think it’s good to have celebrities put their name to such important causes; at least it shows that they are not just money making machines who are controlled by their record company.

Well that’s my opinion anyway, what say you?