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This week we are back with our ‘Songs of the Week’ Monday Playlist, the playlist that lets you – our lovely readers – into our music libraries and into our ‘Most Listened’ playlists. We’ve been listening to some incredible licks this week, so have a scroll and discover (or rediscover) some brilliant music!

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Speaking of news, the biggest news of the week is that Demon FM’s RAG event – #GetMeOnAir – raised an incredible £3631.79 (including Gift Aid) for charity. That stunning amount will now be divided equally between the two chosen causes, Macmillan Cancer Support and Nottingham Hospitals Charity, meaning each will receive around £1,815.90 . Demon Music would like to offer a huge amount of praise and applause to our colleagues over at Demon FM for volunteering their time for two charities that provide endless support for patients and their families, and for doing such a wonderful job. Kudos to you, team!

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1. ‘Swim’ – Fickle Friends

Elliott Plevin (@elliottplev) says: “I discovered this song in the Spotlight playlist on Spotify and it’s a really jolly tune, a tune that is just what you need to counteract the January blues. It has a relaxing yet funky sound, and is just a generally nice track. I hope that we get to hear more from Fickle Friends soon, because they seem awesome!”

via Lauren Nicholas

2. ‘Diver’ – Canterbury

Elliott says: “This song is now five years old, but I have rediscovered Canterbury this week and they are still as good as they ever were.  Their new album, Dark Days, is now out and they are heading out on tour in April; I’m very tempted to get tickets!”

3. ‘Happy’ – Pharrell Williams

Elliott says: “Lets just say this song does exactly what it says on the tin. As a huge Despicable Me fan, this song makes me very happy; definitely good to listen to after a long day! If you haven’t heard it because you live under a rock, this track of his will definitely give you very happy ears – not to mention the fact that Pharrell has a wonderful voice!”

4. ‘It’s Beginning To Get To Me’ – Snow Patrol

Natalie Whitehouse (@_natwhitehouse) says: “Despite not listening to this song, or indeed Snow Patrol, for quite some time now, I managed to get this song in my head this morning and haven’t been able to dislodge it since.  Not that I’m complaining however, as it’s most definitely one of my favourite songs from the alternative rock band. The song is extremely powerful, with crashing drums and soaring guitar chords throughout, not to mention the fact that it is lyrically superb: the main element which made me fall in love with the band all those years ago. I definitely need to start listening to Snow Patrol more!”

5. ‘Start!’ – The Jam

Natalie says: “My second choice this week delves much further into the nostalgia of my music collection. There’s always music your parents pass down to you, and I am fortunate enough to have a Dad who is a big fan of this brilliant and iconic band. ‘Start!’ is one of my favourites from The Jam; with my only complaint about it being that it’s a little too short!”

6. ‘Refugees’ – Embrace

Tom Elliott (@TomElliottUK) says: “Remember ‘Nature’s Law’? Well Embrace are back with their self-titled, sixth studio album. They’ve been gone for about 7 years and I didn’t realise that I’d missed them until this song ended up in my inbox! They’ve come back hard and they’re certainly going to pick up exactly where they left off.”

7. ‘Uh’ – Fujiya & Miyagi

Nicola Allen (@NicoClaireAllen) says: “I’m slowly but surely working my way through the Breaking Bad box set, and also the eclectic soundtrack that comes alongside it. This track, simply entitled ‘Uh’, is one of the most memorable of the tracks I’ve heard so far thanks to its earworm-inducing bass line and lazy vocals. True BB fans will remember this song from one of many cooking sessions way back in Season One, but if even you aren’t a fan of the series you’ll enjoy this funky little ditty.”

8. ‘There Is No Other Time’ – Klaxons

Nicola says: “This new track from Klaxons is so new that it was literally only premiered a couple of hours ago on Radio 1. Circa 2007 Klaxons were one of my favourite bands, pioneers of the nu-rave scene, but after the release of their second LP Surfing The Void the group disappeared. ‘There Is No Other Time’ very much marks the return of the synth-loving band after a three-year hiatus, and also sees them leave their dark experimental roots behind for a mature, disco-influenced sound.”

9. ‘Ain’t It Fun’ – Paramore 

Nicola says: “My love for Paramore goes way back, and whilst most fans dropped away upon the release of their recent self-titled record, I stayed with them. ‘Ain’t It Fun’ is one of my personal favourites from Paramore, and this video certainly shows the viewer how to have fun. Whilst this single isn’t as emo, pop-punk as their early stuff, Hayley Williams’ incredible voice continues to shine amongst the cutesy little riffs and the soul-filled gospel vocals towards the end. The essential message in this song is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to live in the often rough ‘real world’, making it the ideal tune for DMU’s current third years to stick on repeat – we’ll be out there shortly!”

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