Wer Ist Flange Krammer? Neil Dagley as Flange Krammer.

Wer Ist Flange Krammer? Neil Dagley as Flange Krammer.

Working a form of stand-up whose roots can be traced back from Cohen through Coogan to Kaufman, Flange Krammer, the German ex Olympic Skier is a dynamic stage presence, delivering a smorgasbord of cheesy puns, followed with his raunchy catchphrase ‘Eat my powder!’ (which, if you think about it, doesn’t actually mean anything). However, beneath the surface, it is clear that Krammer is more than meets the eye; Krammer’s barrage of wordplay is matched by a cheeky level of subversive intelligence and self-awareness which makes his performance engaging, if you can keep up with his boundless energy and enthusiasm. He beats any ‘Live At The Apollo’ comedian hands down for the dynamic pace, vibrancy and genuine love of his craft that goes into his work.

Krammer brings his new quiz-gameshow inspired comedy act to Leicester, ‘3 2 1 with Flange Krammer und Rusty Dustin’, and gameshows seem like the perfect comedy fodder for someone with such verbal dexterity and understanding of the things that make us cringe. The hammy one liners, forced cheerfulness and vaguely menacing enthusiasm of the gameshow host are all satirically deconstructed by Krammer, and as bewildered audience members try to keep up with his constant flow of racy double entendres and loaded questions, you can’t help but be reminded of the bemused panic that real-life gameshow contestants so often exhibit. This is the true brilliance of ‘3 2 1′. Even in a comic deconstruction of the gameshow format, audience members are unwittingly adding to the satire, by acting out their non-fictional counterparts. One is almost reminded of Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Inspector Hound, in which two arguing audience members accidentally wander onto the set of a play, and their argument is totally incorporated into the narrative.

This is the true genius of Krammer’s production; he has incorporated the blushing awkwardness of audience participation into a genuine feature of his show, even as he is making dirty jokes, openly flirting with anyone (and everyone) around him, and performing brash product placements for his (presumably fictional) energy drink, POWER HORSE.

With his refreshingly genuine enthusiasm for stand-up comedy, sharp ear for wordplay and over-the-top personality, it is totally apt that Flange Krammer’s show is on the first day of the Comedy Festival, as there is no-one more well-equipped to set things in motion.

Flange Krammer will be performing ‘3 2 1 with Flange Krammer und Rusty Dustin’ on Friday 7th February at Duffy’s Bar at 8:45pm. Tickets are £6, and can be purchased here: https://www.curvetickets.co.uk/comedyfestival/Online/default.asp

For more information on Flange, please visit his website at, http://www.flangekrammer.com/ or follow him on Twitter: @FlangeKrammer

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