Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden is back! Again!

(Clockwise, from top). Dan Nicholas, Jack Britton & Lewys Holt. Photo: Heather Forknell

(Clockwise, from top). Dan Nicholas, Jack Britton & Lewys Holt. Photo: Heather Forknell

This time it’s with part two of the trilogy they’re running throughout Dave’s Leicester Comedy festival. Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom. Watch an exclusive interview with the shows lead man, Lewys Holt, below.

Leicester based comedy group Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden consists of Dan Nicholas, Lewys Holt and Jack Britton. Regular performers around Leicester as a trio, this comedy festival they’ve parted ways and are putting on three special shows. Lewys has left the garden, and is staging his very own show, taking place in his newly sought out venue, the Banter Bathroom.

Actually, it doesn’t. It takes place at The Criterion, this Friday at 9:45pm. But let us all imagine it’s a bathroom, as Lewys points out, “for the alliteration.” And as a special Valentines day treat, you can get two 2 for 1 tickets for the show, by clicking here.

As is per Conversation Garden tradition, expect the unexpected, the downright silly, and a shedload of audience participation.

Stay tuned to the Demon Media website for my final interview with the one remaining member of the group, Dan Nicholas. And for lots more exclusive comedy festival content!


Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom takes place at the Criterion on Friday 14th February, at 9:45pm. To buy tickets please go to: http://www.goleicestershire.com/thedms.aspx?dms=72&shop=3&prod=7704