De Montfort University’s Women’s Football Team will finally have the opportunity to play for 90 minutes in their upcoming varsity match against the University of Leicester.

625514_657704560908663_468361103_n[2]Last year, the team were denied the chance to play a full-length match and instead played for 60 minutes at Leicester City Football Club’s King Power Stadium. Despite an appeal, the ladies played for one hour unlike their male counterparts who played for 90 minutes.

This year’s football varsity event will take place at Oadby Town Football Club after Leicester City Football Club rejected hosting the event to minimise pitch damage. Vice Captain of the squad, Vanessa Nicholson said: “It’s a great achievement as we will be the first year ever to play 90 minutes. It’s just unfortunate it had to be at the expense of not playing at the King Power Stadium.

“De Montfort Ladies play 90 minutes every week and playing a 90 minute varsity match will be a fairer way to decide who the winners will be on the day”.

After a disappointing loss last year, which ended in an unfortunate penalty shoot out, the team are currently preparing for their remaining league matches and the upcoming game. Chairwoman of the club, Helena Mubiru said: “I think we have a stronger chance of winning varsity this year not only because of our players but because of the way we have gelled as a squad.

“It’s important that the girls continue to work hard in training and attend circuit sessions as University of Leicester are a fit side”.

De Montfort Women’s Football Team stand at third place in the Midlands 3B League, with three important games left to play. Vice Captain Vanessa added: “The final fixtures we have left will not only determine whether we win the league but will also help build the team’s confidence for the varsity game”.

The past two varsity matches between the two sides have been considerably close. Prior to last year’s loss, De Montfort Ladies won the 2012 winner’s title 1-0, despite competing one league below their rivals.

This year’s football varsity will take place on Monday, March 17 at Oadby Town Football Club. Ladies’ kick off will commence at 5.00pm, followed by men’s kick off at 8.00pm. 560304_421448034534318_1488315805_n[1]