Pick of the week 3 - Fashion Union Pink skirt - 29th

I should start by saying that I never wear pink. Not ever. If I were made to wear pink for any reason I’d probably have a something close to a nervous breakdown. However, when I was trolling the best online shopping sites, I came across this shiny little number from Fashion Union.

Despite the skirt being a shocking shade of pink, I like the a-line fit of the mini skirt and how it can be versatile as either a ‘going out’ choice or part of a day ensemble. Put together with a baseball top or a short-sleeved button up shirt, and some casual and comfy shoes, this skirt will take you to a land where people wear pink all the time – very Legally Blonde!

Also, I should point out that the skirt has been reduced from £12 to £9.60 – so get it while they still have it in stock. Now you officially can’t say no!