Youth and Young Manhood

The debut album of Kings of Leon was immediately an overactive playing tambourine in my brain.

All you would need:

-Preparation: No need to prepare.

– Cooking time: 42.45 min;

– Cost:

– Condiments: A box of canned beer, some spirit;

– Use by: 30 years of age;

– Rules of composition: three-quarters of ups and a quarter of down moments.
Tennessee rock with some garage and pseudo-punk influences.
It gives you the adrenaline to chuck down more spirits than usual and an automatic energy for crushing empty cans beer.

It all about: feeling more at ease, the skies are damn red over the mountains, too drunk on normality, you must dance dance and dance, the girls are a little ignorant, and sometimes there is jealousy and bullets in the air…

Recommended for:

-Lonely people;

-Young people forced to work during the summer;

-Hypochondriac people;

-People who brush their beard;



(Tracks with bits of the lyrics that I liked)

Red Morning Light – “ All night you’re jammin’ on your feet ”  

Happy Alone  – “ I wonder if they ever dream, they would get just what we gave them ”

Wasted Time – “ Don’t you let them tell you when to bat your eyes “

Joe’s Head – “  Now they’re both dead, people can be so cold when they’re dead “

Trani – “Dirty belly of a secret town”

California Waiting – “ I’d sing you a song but they blew it away “

Spiral Staircase – “Get’s fust-er-ating just pissin’ on this wall seems like there’s another story bangin’ around every step you fake “

Molly’s Chambers – “Free- is all that she could bleed “

Genius – “Creepin’ underneath my skin “

Dusty – “I’m looking for something, just sink in my teeth without any crying but I can’t find no place or nothing, where thrills are cheap and love is divine “

Holy Roller Novocaine – “  All the world is moanin’ and baby so am I”

Talihina Sky (Hidden Track) – “  Weeds blow tall on a broken train track “

Wicker Chair (Bonus Track in Japan) – “ You laugh at nothin’ in the pouring rain “