Make Your Halloween Costume ‘Pop’!

Are you fed up of wearing the same stereotypical outfits for Halloween every year? Well you don’t have to worry any longer – with this Roy Lichtenstein inspired make-up design you will you stand out in every picture! You don’t need to spend lots of money on products for a one off look, I would suggest looking in any poundshop to find the best bargains on face paint.


For this tutorial you will need:

Red and White Face Paint
Liquid Eye Liner
Purple Eye shadow
Red lipstick

  1. The first step to this tutorial is to outline your face in liquid eyeliner. This includes your jawbone, cheekbones, eyes, ears, lips, eyebrows, parts of your nose, and the outline of your hair.
  2. Next, apply your purple eye shadow to your lids, and then add a final flick of eyeliner on top of the shadow to make your eyes and the purple stand out.
  3. When applying the lipstick, leave a gap so you can add a bit of white face paint on top to act as a cartoon-style highlight.
  4. Finally, use red face paint and apply each dot with a fine brush. This can be time consuming to make every dot perfect, so take your time and make all the dots of equal size and spacing. Once that’s done, your look is complete!


Alternative suggestions to include in your costume:

  • If you are feeling adventurous you could get a vibrant yellow wig and add black streaks to make it more true to a Roy Lichtenstein character.
  • Add fake eyelashes to make your eyes really stand out.
  • For those of you who are really creative, you could outline the rest of your clothes in black and either stick with one bold colour, or add dots for the Pop Art effect.

The best way to remove the makeup and face paint after is to use make up remover and lots of soap and water. Be gentle and take your time when removing the make up so you do not damage your skin and cause any unwanted irritation.