As demonstrated in my previous ‘Nightmare Nails: Type B Positive Nails’, Halloween is the one of the few occasions in the year where you can really let your creativity flow on your nails. From a simple black and white striped design, to adding different materials in your nails for texture – there will always be a unique design for you and your style! So for my second ‘Nightmare Nails’, I’ve got a range of ideas that will help you start thinking of the perfect Halloween design this season.

Even if you are not that creative, just painting your nails a coat of dark red or black will be sure to send shivers down someone’s spine. Furthermore, as an idea you could buy some long fake nails and then cut them into a triangular shape and filing them until they’re smooth to make them look like claws.

Dressed up as a Tardis but still have no time to paint your nails? Well, you don’t need to worry about that any more. Superdrug is selling beautiful ‘Elegant Touch Trick or Treat’ false nails for £5.30. This may look like pricy, but with 24 nails in a pack, why not half the money with your flat mate and share the nails between you?


Hints and Tips:

–        Think about you design a few days in advance, this will give you time to buy any equipment you need and do some trial runs to see if you can do the design solo, or whether you need a helping hand.

–        Doing your nails the night before your big Halloween party means there will be no rushing around, and you have time to tidy any mistakes.


I really like this design because you can choice any combination of colours or styles to suit you! Have you tried this technique?
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