Although mere babies in the industry, Circa Waves are certainly making a profound impact on indie music since their conception in early 2013, and have continued to maintain this with their latest offering ‘So Long.’

In keeping with their previous upbeat, punchy releases such as ‘Stuck In My Teeth’ and ‘Young Chasers,’ the quartet’s latest single continues very much in the same vein, with its bright melodic tone and pounding instrumentals.

Beginning with fierce drumming before soaring straight into the emphatic chorus, ‘So Long’ is a powerful track which only cements the band’s intentions of progressing as far in music as possible in a relatively short space of time.

The track’s narrative focuses on a stereotypical tale of unrequited love: boy meets girl, but wishes he’d never set eyes on her because she will never be interested. Simple but effective, and delivered in the typical brash style fans of the Liverpudlian four-piece will be familiar with.

And it’s likely the release of ‘So Long’ will gain them yet more followers. Brimming with guitars and a bright sound – despite the story within the lyrics – the track holds an extremely feel good nature to it. It’s this energetic tone that makes the band’s third single, and indeed their previous singles, so successful, and it gives a further taste of what their debut album will be like when it is finally released.

Already heavily NME-endorsed, the band are fresh from supporting the Libertines at Alexandra Palace and ready to embark on their first ever headline tour. There’s a real – and very deserved – buzz around Circa Waves right now, and songs such as ‘So Long’ only serve to remind us why.

The clincher for me is that their songs are so infectious; they’re a band who have all the right ingredients to make the ultimate toe-tapping tunes; ones that stick in your head for hours after you’ve listened to them. It’s upbeat indie pop, reminiscent of The Strokes and The Vaccines, two big names – especially the former – that the Liverpudlian band have been compared to. These are undoubtedly tough shoes to fill, but with songs like ‘So Long’ in their back pockets and their debut LP not far away, you can bet they might just be able to squeeze into them.

‘So Long,’ released via Virgin Records, is out now.