The music headlines this week have been dominated with the news of Taylor Swift’s decision to pull her music from streaming service Spotify, with most people making it out to be a huge issue until the likes of Dave Grohl weighed in to remind people to just ‘listen to the f****ing song!’ Demon asks if it’s really that big of a deal?

Sure, not having any music on Spotify means that people are less likely to discover your music or be able to listen to it as easily, but Taylor Swift is the biggest popstar in the world right now so we can forgive her for assuming people would kind of know who she is by now. The only real issue Swift pulling her music from Spotify will have is that more people will seek to download her material illegally from YouTube as opposed to streaming on Spotify which pays artists a minimum fee every time someone plays one of their songs.

Music piracy is the rise and album sales are on the decline and on one hand it would be a smart move to remove all material from Spotify because it would mean that more people would head to iTunes to pay for it in full but in reality, only the die-hard Swiftie’s will choose to pay for her music over downloading it for free in less than a minute.

Someone may have become the first person ever to be jailed simply for downloading music illegally but Swift removing her music from iTunes and the likes of Thom Yorke, Noel Gallagher and Bono all declaring themselves as ‘anti-Spotify’ there is the potential for these types of news stories to become more common-place.

For those of you who may be heartbroken at not being able to listen to Taylor Swift playlists for 24 hours a day, here’s a parting thought to leave you with – HMV is still open and you can make playlists on YouTube…