Winter is here – or at least it feels like it! Even though this means Christmas, warm blankets and mugs of hot chocolate, it also means the start of continuous rainy, cold and windy days. So, naturally we put on our hats and scarfs and brave the weather! But, how can we style our hair differently in a hat?

Wear it down:

Straight or curled, wearing your hair down is always been a plus in a hat. You will never look bald and you hair will stylishly – imagine in slow motion – flow in the wind without getting too knotty and messy.


Do you want to look like Elsa from Frozen but in a fashionable hat? Putting your hair into one or two plaits is a cute way to style your hair, which will keep hold when wearing your hat. You can do a basic plait, or for you more adventurous hair stylists, why not try a fishtail braid? But it doesn’t have to be a plait – a simple low ponytail or pigtails will work just as well!


Hats on the High Street

Hat and Tube Scarf


Want the best deal on the high street? Well this hat and tube scarf combo is only £12.99 from H&M. It comes in two colours of coral and white and the thick knitted texture will be sure to keep you warm. You could find a hat or a scarf for £12 alone from anywhere else, so getting both for this price is an offer which you cannot refuse.

Faux Fur Headband


I am personally in love with these at the moment. For something which does not cover the back of your head, the faux fur headband is surprisingly warm and so in fashion right now. This come in a range of colours, from traditional grey to reds, and is something that you can wear on any occasion. From, the Rosie Longpile Faux Fur Headband is only £10.

Faux Fur Pom Hat



Not fancying the headband and want something with a bit more warmth. The Faux Fur Pom Hat in Black should go on your shopping list. Even though it is £28, it is from Urban Outfitters so you know it is going to be high quality! This hat is cute and is unique to what else is on the market.

Embellished Beanie



Want a little more glitter in your wardrobe? This grey knitted jewel bow beanie from New Look is only £9.99. This beanie will add a little more accessory to your outfit and for just under a tenner, I think it is worth the buy this winter!