Despite age or gender, it is many people’s dream to see the work of Alexander McQueen up close and personal. On 14 March 2015, the Victoria and Albert museum will make this possible for anyone interested.

The exhibition, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty will take place over the space of five months, starting in March and finishing in July. It will allow ordinary people, like us, to view his most famous work – all the way back to his 1992 MA Graduate collection to his unfinished A/W 2010 collection. His final finished collection, Plato’s Alantis (spring/summer) will be the centre of the exhibition’s finale piece and many believe this was his greatest accomplishment.

Back in 2011, the exhibition was held in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and became the Costume Institute’s most popular exhibition ever, yet this time there will more than 30 new garments displayed for you to cast your eyes upon.

The exhibition will also feature Swarovski due to the numerous collaborations they had. The best thing about the event is that us students manage to save a tidy sum on the entry fee, with tickets costing £9 whereas they are almost double for non-students.

Click here to find out more about the event and how to get tickets to one of the biggest fashion exhibitions of 2015.