tree4Christmas is only a few weeks away, so there is no excuse to not have any thought about your outfits this winter. Having some creative festive themed nails will help finish off that Christmas party look with charm and cuteness!

I really recommend the Finishing Touches Nail Jewels to add that sparkle to your nails. For £2.79 from Superdrug, this is a purchase that will last you through Christmas and straight into New Year. Some people may see wearing jewels as a bit tacky, but if you style right, you could pass through tacky and be right in that subtly sophisticated group.


For this tutorial I used:

  • Barry M Base & Top Coat
  • Maybelline Colour Show – Winter Baby
  • Rio Professional Nail Art – Neon Blue
  • Rio Professional Nail Art – Neon Pink
  • Finishing Touches Nail Jewels

1. To start this design, apply a base coat to protect your nails.

2. Then, paint your nails with the white polish; this may need a few coats, as the white is quite thin. But be sure not to make the nail sticky from too much polish.


3. After that, with the blue nail art pen, draw out a squiggle in a Christmas tree shape.


4. Two lines of pink will then go on top to act as tinsel.


5. Then, even though the jewels have adhesive on, I find using a blob of any coloured nail polish helps hold for longer, this will symbolise the star.


6. Add a topcoat for a gloss finish and to help keep the jewel in place.


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