Suit and Tie 4


This quirky suit and tie design is something that everyone will love. The simplicity makes it look like you have taken more time on your nails than you actually have. So how is this cute design achieved?




For this tutorial I used:

  • Barry M Base & Top Coat
  • Maybelline Colour Show – Winter Baby
  • Rio Professional Nail Art – Black
  • Rio Professional Nail Art – Red

1. Firstly, you should apply a base coat to protect your nails.

2.After that, paint the white coat on your nails, this may need a few coats to make the white stand out, but not too many that the paint gets sticky and takes a long time to dry.

Suit and Tie 1

3. Then, using the black art pen and brush, draw a line around to top of your nail.

Suit and Tie 2

4. Now using the red nail art pen, draw a bow tie at the bottom of your nails.

Suit and Tie 3

5. Then, add two dots going down the centre of your nail to act as buttons.

Suit and Tie 4

6. Add a base coat for a gloss finish and protection.

There are many alternatives to this design. You could change the red tie to black, or have each nail with a different coloured bow tie. The suit colour and style could even be changes by drawing on the collar of the suit jacket and having a different colour shirt underneath.

Suit and Tie 5

With this amount of variety, why don’t you try it yourself? Show us what you achieved using @Demonfashion.