Marilyn_Monroe_-_publicity40’s icon, Marilyn Monroe has always been the face and the inspiration of the fashion and beauty industry. Famous for her and red lipstick combined with strong eyeliner and flawless skin; her style was a trend when she was alive and still is today. So, no wonder Max Factor has announced that she is the new global glamour ambassador for the campaign, From Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe.

But is this any surprise? She may have been the face for Chanel No.5 and MAC a few years ago, but there is really something special about her being the face of Max Factor?

The motivation behind the campaign has evolved around her transformation from brunette to a blonde Hollywood star, which could not have been achieved without Max Factor Junior. Her famous style is what inspired Max Factor to produce the ‘Ruby Tuesday’ lipstick, which is still one of the most popular lipsticks to date.

The announcement is a celebration of 106 years from when the brand was founded, by Max Factor, and also for 80 years since the Max Factor Junior make-up studio was opened in Hollywood. I think I am not the only one to say that we are all excited to see how the company will use this glamourous bombshell to their advantage in their advertising campaigns!


Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday 715