spaThe Student Publication Association have announced that a Midlands regional conference will be happening at De Montfort University’s Student’s Union in Leicester on Saturday March 21st.

The day will feature talks from several experienced speakers from the publication industry.

Registration will take place at 9.30am and the sessions will begin at 10am.

The venue is close to the city centre and the train station.

As well as the talks, there will be an opportunity for the teams attending to share copies of their publication with each other.

People attending will also be able to voice opinions on what the SPA can do in the future and get involved in a debate about issues and successes within student media.

Light refreshments will be available, followed by a lunch break, during which anyone attending can leave to buy food if necessary.

Katrina Chilver, the Midlands regional officer and News Editor of the Demon, has organised the event.

She said: “There have been other events like this in other regions of the country and they have been really successful so I’m really excited to be bringing it to the Midlands.

“It will also be really good to bring together all the teams from the student newspapers and magazines at universities across the Midlands,” she added.

The student publication association was formed in 2013 and this is the first year that there have been regional officers.

Katrina added: “It is fantastic to be able to provide support to student publications all over the country as well as events like this.

“It is also great for me to see the event held at De Montfort Students’ Union and hosted by Demon Media.

“It is a really good opportunity for us to show other universities the great work we do here as well as getting inspiration from them.”

The full schedule of the day, including details of the speakers attending, will be released soon.

Bookings will be made on a first come, first served basis.

Tickets are available now for £7 per person, or £20 for a group of 5 (£4 per person).

For more information, visit, or contact Katrina Chilver, the Midlands regional officer at