It seems like an age has transpired as we eagerly await the release of ‘We Slept At Last’, the debut LP from Maricka Hackman, but to tide us over until the 16th of February, Hackman has gifted fans with another new track in the form of ‘Open Wide’.

Adding yet more to her already expansive list of qualities, ‘Open Wide’ sees Hackman drench herself in reverb and echoey distortion. Like walking down a long dark alley in the dark cold where you can see your breath. It’s far from upbeat, but it mimics the dark early skies of winter.

Music that reflects the cold always feels more powerful than that which reflects the warmth, and Hackman displays such deep understanding of this, clearly visible within this track. The riffs could easily have come from Annie Clark, but in saying that they are something totally new to any arsenal of sound you may have heard before.

If Maricka Hackman, Warpaint and St Vincent came together to create a Sleater-Kinney inspired supergroup, ‘Open Wide’ would no doubt be the end result. Taking in this track is akin to a breathing exercise, whilst it’s dark and wintery, it’s soothing and homely. It’s numb hands in a warm coat, or a frozen nose stepping in to a home.

Hackman’s skills as a musician so far have gone somewhat un-noticed by many alternative music fans, but here’s hoping that upon the release of ‘We Slept At Last’ this will change and bring Maricka to the fore of this scene because currently, there’s no one quite like her.

Maricka Hackman plays The Musician in Leicester on March 23rd.

Listen to ‘Open Wide’ here: