Photo: Metro

Photo: Metro

April Fool’s day is upon us once again and many of us use this as a golden opportunity to play hilarious and harmless pranks on our family members and friends. The whole Nation joins in on this day, with the BBC known for doing prank adverts and newspapers writing fake articles. It is a really good way of having fun with the light expense of another, and honestly if the person believes something unrealistic on April 1st then that is really their own fault, isn’t it?

As students it is our moral duty to never pass up a golden opportunity to play pranks on our fellow housemates or even family members. This is the perfect opportunity to wrap your friend’s bedroom in tin foil entirely (even their shoes) or maybe even joke to your mum that you have given up on University to pursue your lifetime ambition as a go-go dancer; actually that one is not such a bad idea.

When asking my friends what pranks they intend to do or what they have done, I have to say I was quite surprised at what they came up with! My flatmate, with the help of her parents, is going to convince her brother that he is adopted. I have to say that is completely genius. I think the key to getting away with a good prank is getting as many ‘responsible’ adults to help you go along with it; this way people are much more likely to believe it. Although I am sure you are all very trustworthy looking people.

It is also a unique chance to get back at your partner after putting up with them all year. Another friend said for the past few years she’s pretended to get her boyfriends’ names tattooed on her. She will get a temporary tattoo so she can take a picture. I think for maximum impact she should post it on Facebook in a “Look at this tattoo I’ve got!” sort of way. If you are going to do something, do it properly.

April Fool’s day is celebrated all over the world as a chance to have fun and get back at people. So you should join in the fun, and if you have any great ideas make sure you tweet them @TheDemonPaper so we can all share the joke.