This year, societies have been up to some truly incredible things and raising funds for a number of organisations. We’ve seen the likes of Islam Society being recognised for their outstanding contribution, especially during their Charity Week in February. We’ve seen members of Music Society overcoming their fears of heights, when they took a 175ft plummet in the name of Cancer Research. And of course, each society put their stamp on RAG Week, which proved to be a massive success.

As well as this, we’ve seen some new societies appear and no doubt, they’ll be featuring in all the success stories next year.

With so many great groups taking part in exceptional activities, it was near enough impossible to report on everything the societies have been up to this year. But, we can certainly try. Here’s a roundup of all the things that your societies are proud to have achieved this year. If you’re still around next year, why not be a part of all the action?


David Pilsworth, Motorcycle Society


“…Our taster day for motorcycle riding was really successful; several signed up and have said they would like to sign up in the New Year. Plus one of our members passed his tests and now has a full licence.”

Jonny Royall, Beer Pong Society

“…We raised £160 at Charity night for 2 different charities and also won our varsity!”

Anna Landi, Tea Break


Tea Break

“…We had a successful RAG week with our henna events and then Web Week on the last week of term. We had a really successful year and an amazing group of writersJ.”

Head to to see all of Tea Break’s Web Week challenges!

Derry Holt, League of Legends


League of Legends

“…We were named the flagship society for DMUGlobal with regards to sending societies abroad. We were given the opportunity to attend an awesome international event in Poland and also got to visit Auschwitz – very enriching for all attendees”

Claudia Hajjiah, DMU Steppers


DMU Steppers

“…We came 1st out of 14 other universities in our category at our recent competition, Go Hard or Go Home (Nottingham) ”

Jaya Vasarni, Bollywood Dance



“…We made it to the stage performances on the Golden Mile for the Hindu festival of Diwali. We performed for both the light switch on and the festival day itself. “


Letitia Grey, Demon Theatre

“…A Night with Demon Theatre is coming up and the cast is really looking forward to that. We’re hoping to raise a lot of money and recognition! ”


Rachel Yates, Skydiving Club

“…We accumulated 28 members this year, who are a very diverse group. We’re due a tandem jump in May. One of our members became a qualified jumper; three students managed to freefall; two skydived on New Year’s Eve. We took part in lots of jumps in the cold but now we’re looking forward to jumping in the sunshine.”


Tamara Robinson-Burke, Aspiring Medics Society

“…For Aspiring Medics Society it’s been a great start! We were new this academic year and so far we have held two successful events, one of which a doctor came in. We also managed to get all the society to agree to active volunteering in the community together. We are taking a number of our members to Morocco for two weeks in June to volunteer in the community; in orphanages, feed the homeless etc. We’ve managed to get Arabic lessons for free to help us on our travels! Not much but as you’re probably aware, as an a new upcoming society (& an academic society at that!) it’s extremely hard to lift off, get recognition and keep going. Hopefully it’ll be a better year with more exciting achievements in 2015/16.”

Gaming Soc

In March, Gaming Soc hosted the Gaming Nationals here at DMU and managed to raise a huge £4,000. All proceeds were then donated to LOROS Hospice.

Indian Soc

Also in March, Indian Society celebrated Holi by hosting a Colour Run in Bede Park. Students from all over the university took part in the colourful event whereby participants are doused in coloured powders and encouraged to race for healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community.



Both Libyan Society and DMU ACS took part in football varistys this year, and led DMU to Victory. Libyan Soc won with a score of 24-13; DMU ACS with 4-2.

Wire DMU

Wire DMU have hosted a number of talks and networking events throughout the year that have been a great success.

DMU Student Choir

DMU Student Choir Represented DMU at University Gospel Choir of the Year

Demon Island

Four societies partook in the Demon Media hosted event which saw participants stranded in the SU’s island for 36 hours. After many arduous challenges, Sports team, DMU Falcons were crowned victors.

DMU Islamic Soc

After their fundraising successes, DMU Islamic Society won Society of the Term back in December.

Societies Awards

The awards were a chance to celebrate all the society’s achievements this year.  Emily Frost, Features Editor and member of Tea Break said: “they were so well organised and gave societies a chance not only to socialise with one another but with each other in a sophisticated environment. Everyone I know who attended the evening had a great time and took away a lots of amazing memories!”


Here’s the complete list of winners:

Best Society Promotion – Skydiving Club

Best Event – Gaming Society

Best Newcomer – Pole Fitness

Most Improved – Dmu Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Most Active Society Member – Sanjee Anand

Best Committee Member – Tanycia Gayle

Best Committee – Dance Society

SULETS Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community – Tea Break

Outstanding Achievement –  Islamic Society

Highly Commended – International Society

Society Personality of the Year – Krishna Nama Manjunatha

SULETS Society of the Year –  Dance Society


Congratulations Societies!