University seems to be Booze Central in those crucial first few weeks; and it can be daunting meeting new people, whose names you probably won’t remember when you’ve slept off the pound shots of cherry Sourz.

For those of you who want to remember a bit more of your year, don’t fancy a drink, or are more conservative with your spending; here are some ideas for sober socialising!

New Walk Museum, Leicester.

New Walk Museum, Leicester.


Join a Sports Team and Rep #DMUPride

Nobody has DMU pride like our athletes! We have teams for all the main sports; plus new ones you may not have tried, such as lacrosse, rowing and fencing. Our sports teams hold regular weekly alcoholic socials, but ask about their sober socials too! Lots of teams have movie nights, trips out, dinner or cinema dates, and revision sessions to bond with and encourage each other.

If playing sport isn’t quite your thing, why not try attending the games instead with a group of friends? Information on games is available through the Sports section of Demon Media, Facebook, Twitter – and from the Team Captains themselves!

Victoria Park, Leicester.

Victoria Park, Leicester.

Join a Society and Find Your Inner Nerd

Whatever you’re passionate about; Harry Potter, Rock music, motorcycles or gym-going, you’ll find like-minded people within a society. DMU has a wide range of societies already up and running – but don’t worry if there isn’t one for 4D Cosmic Laser Golf – because you can set one up simply enough, as long as you have a handful of people who are interested.  Check out: for more information! Most societies also hold weekly socials, and some of these are likely to involve video games, Cards Against Humanity, and pizza. There’s something for everyone!


Speed Buddying Freshfest is a great time to meet people, but it isn’t all shots and bar crawls! There are some great alcohol-free things going on, and one of these is a speed-buddying event at the SU. Prepare your icebreakers, ladies and gentlemen; you’ll need your social skills for this one.

…and the rest of it!

In the very unlikely event that you arrive to an empty campus, and all your classes are filled with introverts and agoraphobics; get out and explore the city! We have a fantastic museum on New Walk, with art, dinosaur and mummy exhibitions; and a beautiful cathedral next to the Richard III centre – all within a five or ten minute walk of the campus centre.


Nelson Mandela Park, Leicester.


DSU often puts on movie nights – information available on Twitter and Facebook in advance.  De Montfort University campus is a hub of social activity, there’s so much going on that it’s almost impossible to avoid making fantastic friends and getting absolutely lost in the entire experience. DMU also has a fabulous Student Services department to support you if you’re not adjusting as well as you hoped.  Failing all of the above, grab a drink at Soar Point on a Monday night, when cocktails are two pitchers for £10. Happy Freshfest!