We all love a bit of stand-up but as a student sometimes the tickets can be a pain for our wallets, however never fear I have a solution. When packing for university one of the must haves is a Netflix account, or a good friend you can steal off will work just as well.


There is a good selection of some of the best stand-up out there for you to watch in your bed at home to cheer you up from the reality that the next loan payment isn’t until four months down the line.


Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats


Chelsea Peretti the star of Brooklyn 999, shows her talents in stand-up in her one of special after the audacious opening which often comes with high-profile stars the show is filled with relatable and introspective jokes, from the horror of small talk or the frustration’s of dealing with ‘hot girls’ and their attached egos. Chelsea is someone that all students can relate to even though she seems to be an adult with her life together and it’s exclusive to Netflix.


Morgan Murphy: Irish Goodbye


From the woman who has written for 2 broke girls, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live, you are in the hands of a genius here. Filmed in an intimate venue, the best kind to see stand-up it really makes you feel as if your there. From jokes about having sex for a hamburger and stories to reacting to affectionate boyfriends and her experiences with sexting, warm the cockles of your heart. The personal nature of her comedy is something that really clinches the deal with this show.


Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden


In his fourth stand-up special Aziz Ansari is one of the few comedians to be able to claim to have sold out Madison Square, but despite the huge arena Ansari treats it as if it’s any other stage and fills it with his comedic value. There’s something different about this show however as he shows some vulnerability. Sharing stories of how his parent’s struggles to adjust to American live after uprooting their lives in India. The final shot showing Ansari hugging his parents on stage while confetti falls around them for some reason doesn’t feel staged at all.


Tom Segura: Completely Normal


Segura who is well known for his deadpan delivery, there is plenty to enjoy in his latest special. From talking about his explosive diarrhoea to describing his experiences with a doctor who was sure he was to undesirable to be gay, you should be warned that nothing is off limits for Segura, it’s something for the Frankie Boyle fans if you don’t mind your comedy a little close to the edge.


Kathleen Madigan: Madigan again


Kathleen Madigan’s second special has a lot to live up to from her last show, but it manages to pull through. From her stint in Afghanistan to her Irish catholic Midwest family, she proves over and over again that woman can be just as funny as men if not more so. Although never mentioned an Irish goodbye is the act of leaving a party without saying goodbye and Madigan makes you feel as if you never want her to leave.