There are no two other words, in the English vocabulary  sweeter than ‘Freshers Week’, as a 3rd year let me assure you.  It is, let’s face it, the closest thing to a holiday away with your mates, without needing a passport.  Actually, in some cases you might need your passport.

Nonetheless, Freshers’ week is an experience that creates memories not even that eraser your Mum bought you from Wilkinson’s can erase from your memory, for better or for worse.

`Journey Home’

If you are lucky, some of you will find your way home from Republic in relatively quick-ish time on your first night out, in well under 2 hours.

Yet, most of you will engage in conversation with complete strangers as you stagger past that blue kebab shop, which lights up like a Christmas tree.  And yes, some of you will add time on to your journey by doing society the favour of rounding up every traffic cone you can find.  That’s fine – that’s normal!  You are a Fresher’ – anything goes.  And don’t worry, you will make a complete fool out of yourself within the first couple of days.  And that rubber of yours won’t erase those memories either.

You’ll probably get a funny nickname or something that will, and I can’t stress this enough, WILL stick with you for the rest of your time as a student.  Or maybe even forever.  You might literally be referred to as a Dragon at your own funeral because you drank from that vodka bottle that looked like a Dragon.

The point I’m making here is relax, be yourself and don’t try and fight all of these inevitabilities that are going to happen to you.  Again I can’t stress the fact that these things ARE going to happen to you.