For a small city, Leicester does get sometimes get some good acts. One of which being Peace, who headlined at the O2 Academy on Tuesday evening, much to the demise of UoL students who couldn’t go to their SU for the night due to it being preoccupied by young indie teens, sporting Harrison’s (lead singer) stripy turtle-neck, white dungaree combo.

Despite teasing no new material, the tour showcased their latest album Happy People in a light that didn’t do it enough justice at festivals this summer. Opening with ‘O You’ demonstrated exactly why this album deserved it’s own tour, and why the venue was pretty much packed out. The band then continued with an array of singles, ‘Wraith’, ‘Follow Baby’, ‘I’m a Girl’ and ‘Money’ before starting the acoustic part of the set.

The acoustic section split the crowd into two, resulting in ‘Under the Moon’ and ‘Float Forever’ either making you adoringly cuddle up to your other half, or cry over the fact you don’t have one.

But there wasn’t much time to be heartbroken, as the acoustic guitar was flung aside ready for debut EP Delicious tracks ‘Bloodshake’ and ‘1998’. ‘Bloodshake’ gave the crowd the song they had been chanting for since the beginning, and saw them cause a raucous in the crowd whilst Harrison continually jumped around the stage mimicking the crowd in something that looked very much like a lab coat. Whereas ‘1998’ showed us exactly how good this band are at producing music, despite being rudely interrupted by Harrison’s short burst of the classic, ‘Song 2’ before continuing to finish the song, despite people still singing the intro. The band played old favourite ‘California Daze’ before exiting the stage, for approximately thirty seconds before bombarding back onto the stage, one by one to finish the set with a bang.

And an impromptu performance of ‘Champagne Supernova’ was the thing to secure this. Although starting off pretty slow and pretty awkwardly, it paid off in the end, with the crowd (obviously) joining in with their empty lighters swaying and going out every other second. The band rounded up with, perfectly executed, ‘World Pleasure’, and by the way the gig went, it’s clear they’ve assured themselves a welcome place to stay in many a student halls when they next return to Leicester.