Stylespiration can be found anywhere – when walking down the street or campus, aswell as flicking through celebrity magazines and Tumblr. Why not make the extra effort and seek it by going…back in time?

As the 70’s trend is currently in its full bloom with flared jeans and bell sleeves, our first pick had to be Stevie Nicks, the queen of American rock, fairytale-esque dresses and top hats – best known as the lead singer in Fleetwood Mac.

Stevie’s style could be described as a combination of teenage rebel and romantic hippie. Back in the days, her clothes were always about mixing different textures and materials, rather than colours – lace, crochet, velvet and ruffles are absolutely necessary, if you are trying to recreate this unique, slightly rock chick, boho style.

Even if you love to dance like Rhiannon and fly with the wind as if you were the Songbird sometimes, Stevie’s style is obviously old-fashioned and interpreted literally, can be quite overwhelming and weird.

We’ve put together one outfit inspired by Stevie, which takes bits and elements from the 70’s fashion and makes it more 21st Century.

As Stevie’s dresses were always the centre of her looks (as well as the stage), we also have to start with one.

It does not need to be floor length and have enormous, batwing sleeves – this gorgeous, cream swing dress has some tassels and lace action going on, without making it look like it comes from a different era.

As colder weather is fast approaching (although we really want festival season to come back!), you can layer this dress in many different ways, for example with a leather jacket or even a cape/poncho. We went for a beige, suede jacket – I’m sure Stevie had one like this in her wardrobe.

Instead of going for the classic flared jeans, we added a pair of burgundy, velvet leggings – a lot more modern, and perfect for autumn!

Platform or block heel boots are a must in a 70’s look, so we picked a black pair to break the cream and beige and toughen it up a bit.

Accessorising is extremely important here, as Stevie was known for wearing embellished head pieces and beaded shawls. We picked a gorgeous embroidered headwrap and an intricate necklace to make it less plain, but also casual enough to be worn during the day. You could swap it for a big, witchy hat if you preferred.

Now throw on some gold tinted aviators and Go Your Own Way – whether it’s a weekend gig, a day in town or even a Monday class, you will surely rock !