Prepare to be bowled over by The Bowling Green pub!

Your old student pub has been transformed, and it’s open for business from today. It’s classy, and it’s still your favourite!

Quids in Thursday, Pub Quiz Monday, all around student heaven. Sound familiar? Of course it does! Polar Bear has been a firm favourite for us DMU disasters ever since it first appeared (because it literally did just appear one day) and has been host to an amazing variety of events. Which is why, when it suddenly closed earlier in the week for a revamp we got a bit concerned!

But let me tell you – we’ve been blown away! The Bowling Green, as our newly opened student pub has been dubbed, has definitely struck out! All new furniture, extra space, a bar to wash away your worries – it has it all! Polar Bear was renowned for its cosy imperfect atmosphere, with its old sofas and creaking floor boards we knew a revamp was much needed. And boy they certainly gave it the oomph it needed. Classy, sleek and modern are only some of the words we’d use to describe the new layout.

And it’s not just the décor that has changed either. Long gone is the limited 2for1 menu and devastatingly dreary desserts, in its place is an all new selection of pub favourites at student friendly prices! From fish and chips to the classic quorn burger, there are dozens of tasty dishes to choose from! (We highly recommend the BBQ chicken melt! 10/10)

The staff are raring to go, and with a pretty cool pub to work in we don’t blame them! Over our delicious lunch they told us all about the weekly events the pub will be hosting and even let slip that there may be a few cash prizes to look out for on Pub Quiz Mondays! Keep an eye out for any events being advertised – they’re not to be missed! Keep an eye on your wallets too, as there’s a whole range of drinks to choose from! Whether you fancy a cheeky pitcher, a sly old fish bowl or just your everyday beer, The Bowling Green is definitely the place to be.

The Bowling Green officially opens tonight (Friday 13th) at 5:30pm and we can’t wait to see your responses! Grab a friend (and an umbrella) and get on down to The Bowling Green – you won’t regret it!

Our verdict? Watch out Soar Point, you’ve finally got some competition!